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Feature Update

Feature Update: Instruction Scoring & Feedback.

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Gather insights from users instantly on your instructions & procedures.

SwipeGuide empowers you to identify pain points and improvements in instructions while letting you build your own feedback campaign with our easy-to-customize templates: measure effort, satisfaction and time.


  • We now provide templates to help the user set up a campaign based on their needs. 

Choose a template to build your feedback campaign on.



  • It is possible to see a preview of the campaign, both while choosing a template and in general while editing the campaign. 

Preview what your campaign will look like on different devices before publishing.



  • Choose when the campaign should start showing. 

campaign timing

Choose when your campaign starts running.



  • Set how often the campaign should show up and how much time should pass between campaign questions.


How often do you want your feedback campaign to show?  



  • Edit your feedback campaign in different languages.


Set your default language and publish in different languages.


Remember to save.

  • We'll warn you if you exit an instruction without saving it (you're welcome!)


Did you save changes?


Contact us if you have any questions about this feature update or if you'd wish to schedule a demo to see what it looks like in action. 

published on December 18, 2018


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