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Capture knowledge from your frontline experts.

Collect expert knowledge with crowdsourced digital work instructions and SOPs. Checklists and approval workflows ensure compliance and quality.

  • Template-Based Editing.

    Our templates are created by experts to be used by anyone.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editing.

    Easily edit instructions on mobile and tablet devices at the production line or in the field.

  • Checklists and Sign-off.

    Capture performance data with checklists. Use sign-offs to confirm task completion.

  • Plug-and-Play.

    Connect SwipeGuide to your ERP, MRP, or MES by using our robust API or a custom integration.

  • Approval Workflows.

    Make sure content is reviewed by the right people in the right order before it's distributed on the frontline.


faster task completion with SwipeGuide.

Mario Gilbert
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Share best practices.

Instantly distribute standardized operational knowledge across sites and production lines to whoever needs it, whenever they need it.

  • Sharing.

    Use QR codes, NFC, direct links, or embed to share instructions. Link the right information directly to the job.

  • Localization.

    We speak your operators' language - the platform and its content can be translated to over 40 languages.

  • The Frontline App.

    Our Frontline App can be used online and offline on any compatible device.

  • Guide Reusability.

    Share best practices across lines and sites by easily copying guides.

  • Tagging and Smart Search.

    No more scrolling through lengthy excel files. Organize instructions and find them instantly.


skill improvement of frontline workers.

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Improve (1)

Improve people. Improve performance.

Facilitate continuous improvement and track performance metrics including 5S, OEE, and FTR to achieve your operational excellence goals.

  • Easy Integration.

    Connect SwipeGuide to your existing tech stack with easy API integrations.

  • Knowledge Analytics.

    See how your content is being used and how it's impacting performance in terms of efficiency, productivity, and downtime reductions.

  • Time Tracking.

    Track how much time was spent executing tasks and illuminate trends.

  • Instruction Feedback.

    Crowdsource the feedback of frontline experts on-the-job to improve standards.

  • Upskill your Frontline.

    Quickly upskill and reskill your workforce with simple, digital SOPs.


reduction in product errors.

Compatible with any Android and iOS device.

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