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SwipeGuide work instruction software

Instructions by the frontline for the frontline.

Elevate performance across your organization with a simple, mobile-first platform that puts frontline teams first.

Crowdsource knowledge.

Our guides are incredibly easy to build and use.

Share scalable standards.

Scale operational knowledge across teams and sites.

Elevate performance.

Use data to improve processes and ace your audits.

Create instructions effortlessly
  • Effortless creation.

    No content creation experience needed — our templates are designed by experts to be used by anyone.

  • Ensure compliance.

    Capture performance data with checklists. Use sign-offs to apply task execution confirmations.

  • We speak your language.

    The platform and instructions can be translated into 40+ languages.

  • No internet? No problem.

    The SwipeGuide frontline app can be installed and used locally on any device.
  • Plug and Play.

    Easy API integrations to connect SwipeGuide to your existing tech stack.

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Create digital work instructions 800x721 (1)

"SwipeGuide work instructions are structured in a way that instantly makes sense to our teams."



Quality Engineer at Reyco Granning in Mt Vernon

Work instructions & SOPs.

Prevent knowledge drain with digital work instructions and scalable standard operating procedures.

Capture the informal knowledge that lives on your frontlines into easy, scalable, and shareable work instructions.


Faster task completion.

Checklists 800x721 (1)

"To have the machine minders take pictures of issues in checklists for troubleshooting made perfect sense."


Line Manager

at a Leading Chicken Processing company in Northern Ireland


Ensure quality and safety standards are met everywhere, every time.

Easily create and share checklists and activate sign-offs to signal task execution.


increase in usage of checklist tests to identify trouble areas.

Skills assessments 800x721

"Prepared by a subject matter expert - executed by qualified but inexperienced mechanics."


Christian, Plant Manager

Deutsche Bahn in Germany

Skill assessments.

Capture and measure knowledge performance on a team, plant, or company level.

Get visibility on how the knowledge captured on your frontlines is impacting overall efficiency, and define clear ROIs.


Skills improvement of an average skilled frontline worker.

Audits and compliance 1200x627

"The top priority in my job is to meet the criteria for audits about document control and pass annual ISO audits. SwipeGuide helps me achieve this."


Factory Manager

at a European F&B Company


Ace your quality audits.

Document operational processes within your factory to meet audit criteria and improve continuously.


Product errors.

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