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Hi. We’re SwipeGuide.

The world’s leading platform for people-powered work instructions and checklists.

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SwipeGuide founders

"Tech has rewired our brains. My purpose is to create simplicity in a world where complexity is always assumed."

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Willemijn Schneyder

CEO & Co-Founder of SwipeGuide

SwipeGuide started with a problem.

We were fed up with paper work instructions. They were impossible to decipher. Hard to share. And they didn’t empower frontline teams to share their expertise.

That’s why we started SwipeGuide – to make it easier for frontline teams to work, learn, and share what they know. From our modest beginnings, we’ve grown into a multinational crew of digital natives on a mission: to build a future-proof instruction platform that actually helps people get work done.

Backed by research into how people actually learn, our work instruction software empowers your frontline teams to share their expertise across the organization, enabling you to build a culture of continuous improvement – and eliminate waste and errors.

At SwipeGuide, we’re working to save the world from useless directions – and create the simplest, most intuitive way to create work instructions in the manufacturing industry.


- Daan Assen & Willemijn Schneyder, Founders of SwipeGuide

SwipeGuide team beach 2-1

Our dedicated team of Swipees all around the world makes the magic happen. Every day.

When people from diverse backgrounds build a company, our creative and strategic horizons are not only expanding but consistently strengthening and continuously improving.

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SwipeGuide sales team

“Every day is different with new challenges and ever-changing situations. That's what keeps me motivated."

Lisa, Jean, Jasmine, Rashika, Sidd, Tim (aka Buzz), Tim (aka Lenny), Mark, and Daan make up the sales team of SwipeGuide.


SwipeGuide CS team

"Solving the problems of our customers really gives me energy to continuously improve".

Lisa, Tim, Eve, Raul, Katheline, and Ingrid are the Customer Success experts at SwipeGuide.


SwipeGuide Engineering

"I thought I’d learn some things, but I've learned so much more than I thought I ever would. 10/10 opportunity."

Sue, Vlad, Alex, Armand, Eduardo, Sara, and Hristijan build our platform and keep it stable.


SwipeGuide Marketing

"We have a radically human approach to marketing. We want to understand our audience and always serve them better."

Akanksha, Chris, Annika, and Gloria run the Marketing circle of SwipeGuide.


SwipeGuide Nick

"SwipeGuide has harnessed my strengths (like no other place) and given me so much freedom."

Nick, Ben, Zizi, and Willemijn make up the Organize for Growth circle.


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These are our company values.

Help us save the world from useless instructions.

Saving the world from useless instructions is a pretty great job. Come join us and find out why.


Meet our investors.

We’re fortunate to be supported by some of the most forward-thinking investors in the world.
Together, we’re excited to build the future of work.

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Contact us.

Call us: +31 20 30 31 937
SwipeGuide B.V.
John M. Keynesplein 12-46
1066EP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

New York.
SwipeGuide Inc.
228 East 45th Street. Suite 9E
New York, NY, 10017
United States

SwipeGuide Inc.
729 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401
United States

SwipeGuide Inc.
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212
Chicago, IL 60654
United States

Capture best practices.
Engage your team.
Elevate performance.

Unlock the potential of your frontline with radically human work instructions.