Bad instructions are a waste of time.

Especially on the shop floor. We’re here to help
you move on from inefficient work instructions.

swipeguide team

What we do.

SwipeGuide is on a mission to save the world from useless instructions and deliver the most intuitive way to standardize work in the manufacturing industry. 

Our work instruction software empowers your teams to maximize their operational efficiency and minimize production errors with instructions and standards - backed by research into how people really learn.

SwipeGuide customers use our Saas platform to get a little better every day. From easy sharing and authoring, to intuitive authoring and knowledge capture - your teams will never have an easier time being productive on the factory floor.

SwipeGuide Founders (2)

Our story.

Established in 2016 over a mutual frustration with traditional paper instructions, Daan Assen and Willemijn Schneyder founded SwipeGuide to change the way we work and learn in a manufacturing environment. Today, we’re a multinational crew of digital natives building a future-proof instruction platform that finally makes sense.


Just like you, we always want to be learning and growing. We believe that real growth means trying new things and having the courage to continuously optimize your way of working.

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We're looking for passionate people to help build the next generation of work instruction software.

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