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From on-the-job learning to workplace safety and the latest tech. Explore our content
for everything you need to succeed on the shop floor and beyond.

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Ebook: Performance-Focused Instruction Principles

Research helps us deliver on-the-job learning that lasts. 


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swipeguide ebook

Ebook: Create Better Work Instructions

Empower teams to create and deliver effective instructions.


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SwipeGuide ROI Whitepaper

ROI Whitepaper: Maximize Efficiency and Minimize
Waste on the Shop Floor

Intelligent work instructions create a positive impact for our customers around the world.


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SwipeGuide Safety Whitepaper

Whitepaper: Improving Workforce Safety with Better Digital Instructions

Prevent accidents and help create a culture of workforce safety.


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Whitepaper: Digitalization and Smart Factories: Manufacturing Trends in Industry 4.0

New tech is making processes more efficient, but our tools need to adapt to keep pace.


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