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From on-the-job learning to workplace safety and the latest tech. Explore our content for everything you need to succeed on the shop floor and beyond.


The Smart Skills Matrix Playbook.

A practical guide to dynamic skills management for frontline teams.
eBook create better work instructions

Ebook: Create Better Work Instructions.

Empower teams to create and deliver effective instructions.

ROI Whitepaper cover 1

ROI Whitepaper: Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste.

Decrease errors by 67%.
Increase OEE by 20%. 
Read how in this whitepaper. 

Digitransformation eBook Cover 1 (1)

Ebook: The Impact of Digitization in Manufacturing.

Close the skills gap. Standardize processes. Top companies share how they're leveraging tech to become more resilient.

SOP template visual

SOP Template (free .docx)

  • Free editable .docx template. 
  • Can be a good starting point for your basic SOP needs. 
  • Note! This SOP Template is not as powerful as a SOP software that helps you make dynamic and multi-faceted standards. See how the SwipeGuide SOP platform make it hassle-free to manage all your SOPs. 
employee development plan template

Employee Development Plan Template (free .pdf)

  • Free fillable .pdf template. 
  • Start meaningful conversations about skills development.
  • Align the goals of your organization with the development goals of your frontline teams.