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Operational Excellence with Smart Skills.

Finally, a system made for frontline teams
to develop skills and close knowledge gaps.

βœ“ A skilled workforce being able to keep operations running 24/7.
βœ“ Simplify training with dynamic skills management in real-time.
βœ“ Motivate top talent and assess skills to stay compliant.


SwipeGuide is trusted by frontline teams across 93 countries.

Built on expertise.

Manage and develop skills the fast and easy way.
Bridge skills gaps and keep processes going.


Easy & engaging.

Clear frontline upskilling and learning journeys. Motivate to grow.



On-the-job training and skills management made for the frontline.



Predict skills gaps and analyze performance with AI-powered knowledge analytics.

Skills development.

Self-directed on-the-job learning for the frontline. Easy access to upskilling content needed to progress and keep up with expectations.

SwipeGuide Smart Skills_Learning Content
  • Learning content.

    Develop new skills with self-directed learning content and activities.

    β†’ Self-directed learning.
    β†’ Reach higher skill levels.
    β†’ Save your favorites.

  • Skills portfolio.

    Personal skills portfolio with proof of competence and training.

    β†’ Track skills development.
    β†’  Access status and levels.
    β†’ Collect certificates of training & skills.

  • Self-assessments.

    Assess your own skills and get them approved by a manager. 

    β†’ Test your own knowledge.
    β†’ Request a review from a manager.
    β†’ Collect certificates.

  • Updates.

    Receive notifications about important updates.

    β†’ Assessment status.
    β†’ New learning content.
    β†’ Expiring skills.

  • Learning journeys.

    Plan your personal career development path. 
    See what it takes to reach your goals. 

    β†’ Skills vs. roles.
    β†’ Training plans.
    β†’ Exceed expectations.

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Confirm that people have the skills needed to operate a certain machine or process.

"Smart Skills by SwipeGuide is a learning system that helps us confirm that people have the skills needed in order to operate a certain machine or process. It helps us see where skills gaps are, develop the people, and know what needs to be added in our training offer."

Senior Global Lead Supply Chain Capability Development


Skills management.

Efficiently manage skills, streamline operations, and validate training to ensure peak performance and compliance across your team. 

SwipeGuide Smart Skills_Skills Matrix
  • Skills frameworks.

    Configure skill frameworks to match the levels used in your organization.

    β†’ Skills and competency levels.
    Adaptable skills profiles.
    Compare performance.

  • Skills matrix.

    Coordinate the skills of team members in a Skills Matrix that adjusts automatically. 

    β†’  Coordinate skills of teams and individuals.
    β†’  Map out skills gaps.
    β†’  Validate certification.

  • Skills assessment.

    Assess skills of your team to prove skills development and competence. 

    β†’  Validate skill levels.
    β†’  On-the-job assessments.
    β†’  Review self-assessments.

  • Content management.

    Create and manage adaptive learning content in Learning Libraries. Add materials from other systems. 

    β†’  Clear onboarding and learning journeys.
    β†’  Create learning libraries per role.
    β†’  Fill skills gaps.

  • Certification.

    Keep track of when skills are expiring with certificates.

    β†’  Track expiration of skills.
    β†’  Plan re-assessments.
    β†’  Set up training plans.

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Employees own their own development and grow skills to do better within the company.

"I think that it’s quite a crucial interesting element that the employee owns his own development, being able to pursue his own aspirations, know the different paths, grow his skills, and do better within the company."

Matias, MPE at PepsiCo


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