Benefits of digital work instructions.

This is why you should update your paper and PDF instructions with the
SwipeGuide Instruction Platform to increase productivity.

Process improvement and waste reduction

Process improvement
& waste reduction.

Create standard work and capture best practices, instantly. Deliver knowledge in the moment of need to reduce errors and downtime on the shop floor. 

  • Reduce changeover time by 33%

  • Reduce your instruction authoring time by 60%

  • Provide support for industrial and commercial consumers. Reduce after-sales contact by 30%

  • Manufacturing waste reduced by 25%

“Working with Swipeguide is fast and easy. The digital work instructions we make are a very fun, step-by-step way to guide our colleagues through their daily work.”
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Project Officer - Training

Colruyt Group

Product quality and standard work

Product quality
& standard work.

When knowledge is available on the shop floor, deskless workers get it right the first time and every time after that. Decrease errors and improve product quality with SwipeGuide.


  • Fewer mistakes on the shop floor. Reduce errors by 67%

  • First-Time-Right increased by 26%

  • CILT procedures improved by 15%

  • 5S Score increased by 33%

  • OPI increased by 5.6%

“SwipeGuide’s CMS is very intuitive and it really provides a great user experience. My team creates visual guides that are simple to design, fast to deploy, and can be viewed on any device. Also, the usage stats and user feedback help us improve day-to-day processes and operations.”
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Software Product Manager

ABB Motion

Effortless training and onboarding

Effortless training
& onboarding.

Train new employees with an intuitive, step-by-step platform that places an emphasis on sticky visuals and improved learning retention.


  • Make sure training sticks. Increase knowledge retention by 25%

  • Know precisely where to go and what to do. Reduce accidents and create a culture of safety.

  • Eliminate the risk of an uninformed workforce with effortless instructions on the shop floor.

  • Deliver work instructions and standards on mobile and wearable devices.

“SwipeGuide is user-focused and effortless to work with. The content is highly visual and structured in a way that instantly makes sense to our teams.”
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Quality Engineer

Reyco Granning

Capture tribal knowledge

Capture & share
tribal knowledge.

High employee turnover puts your operations at risk - protect and standardize crucial knowledge with digital work instructions.


  • Reduce training time for new employees by 50%

  • Standardize processes and procedures in a future-proof digital format.

  • Capture tribal knowledge and achieve the highest quality of standard work.

“One of the challenges we were facing on the shop floor is low visibility of instructions and standards. There is a clear need for a tool like SwipeGuide to drive shop floor excellence.”
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Maintenance Manager

European Beverage Manufacturer

multi-site connectivity

Multi-site connectivity.

Enjoy the power of a multi-site, cross-platform approach. SwipeGuide empowers users to allocate and share best practices across factory apps and teams.


  • Capture best practices on the go.

  • Share knowledge and standards across locations.

  • Optimize procedures throughout your operations.

  • Control which of your teams access what content, and where.

  • Efficiently manage content publishing rights and privileges. 

“For us operators, SwipeGuide is a very useful tool. We can easily check the procedures, standards, and OPLs of any machine we're standing next to.”
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Machine Operator

European Beverage Manufacturer

security and compliance

Security & compliance.

SwipeGuide is built on a modern technology stack that provides the performance, reliability, and availability to meet the industry's most stringent requirements for information privacy and security.


  • The SwipeGuide platform is built according to the Secure by Design principles.

  • Strict login controls and SSO safeguard all data on the platform.

  • Facilitate effortless Change Management with a tool that delivers collaboration and standardization.

  • We pride ourselves on a culture of strict confidentiality and care with each and every customer.

“SwipeGuide is relevant, cost-effective, rapidly implemented and expanded with user-friendliness in an almost plug-and-play mode. Simply stated: this should be in your Data and Digitalization bucket list. Don't get ready, get started.”
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TPM Manager

European Beverage Manufacturer

Seamless integration

Seamless integration.

SwipeGuide enhances your existing systems and tools to bring true harmony to a modern tech stack in Industry 4.0.

  • SwipeGuide integrates into your existing tech ecosystem.

  • Our custom API delivers compatibility with your current tech stack, including MRP, SCM, LMS, ERP, and Skills Management systems.

“SwipeGuide has an intuitive design that allows anyone to manage instructions for our customers and our assembly personnel.”
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Marketing Coordinator

Animo Coffee Machines

Create better work instructions.

Learn how to effortlessly create and share digital work instructions to make daily operations safer, more efficient, and truly connected.

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