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5 benefits of digital work instructions.

An integral part of any connected worker platform. The best and the brightest in manufacturing have replaced paper and PDF instructions with SwipeGuide to increase productivity on the shop floor and reduce costs.

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Process improvement and dowtime reduction

Process improvement
& downtime reduction.

Get better every day. Increase efficiency on the shop floor and embrace lean manufacturing with effortless digital work instructions. Delivering knowledge in the moment of need reduces errors and downtime on the shop floor. Less waste. Less cost.


// Jonathan works on the factory floor at a dairy processing plant in Wisconsin. His boss stores every work instruction in a binder far away from his workstation. Rather than go look at the instructions, Jonathan does the task from memory. He makes mistakes. Fixing these mistakes leads to expensive downtime and waste. Don't use paper. Don't make excuses.


decrease in machine changeover time.

Effortless digital work instructions

Product quality
& standard work.

Available knowledge means the right results. Effortless digital work instructions improve the end-quality of your products. When knowledge is available on the shop floor, workers get it right the first time. And every time after that.


// Terry works at an industrial bakery in Chicago. This factory depends on good hygiene to meet their bottom-line and pass inspections. Terry would often like some help remembering how to clean a machine properly, but his paper work instructions were ruined. So he just does the best he can in an industry where this simply doesn't cut it. Digital work instructions deliver quality where it counts. No exceptions.


reduction of
manufacturing waste.


team safety.

Join the world's top manufacturers. Eliminate the risk of an uninformed workforce with effortless instructions on the shop floor. Train seasonal employees and a new generation of workers with an intuitive, step-by-step platform that places an emphasis on sticky visuals and learning retention.


// Linda lives on her phone. She orders groceries on her phone. Calls her kids. Takes pictures. Why shouldn't Linda use her phone for training and digital work instructions? SwipeGuide delivers knowledge to digital natives in a way that finally makes sense.


improvement in

Capture tribal knowledge

Capture tribal knowledge.

What would happen if your best employees retired tomorrow? Capture tribal knowledge and achieve the highest quality standard for your operations.


// Fiona knows everything. Best practices. Procedures. She can clean and reassemble a canning line in 2 minutes, and show her peers how to do it too. But Fiona never wrote any of this down and she's retiring in a week. Don't lose Fiona. Don't lose the knowledge. Capture Tribal Knowledge with digital work instructions.


decrease in instruction authoring time.

Multi-site connectivity

Multi-site connectivity.

Flexible and focused. Enjoy the power of a multi-site, cross-platform approach. SwipeGuide allows users to allocate and share best practices across a network of designated sub-platforms and factory apps. Everything you need. Nothing you don't. All with the click of a button.


// David runs the shop floor at a brewery in Brussels. He loves the way that his team executes specific standards to re-code the bottling machines. They're efficient. Fast. Zero errors. With the click of a button, he can share these SOPs to Anders' brewery in Sweden. With the click of a button, David can share the knowledge that makes users awesome.

Create better work instructions.

Learn how to effortlessly create and share digital work instructions to make daily operations safer, more efficient, and truly connected.

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