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Your digital how-to library for smoothmaintenance.

Instructions and SOPs that you can rely on. 

✓  Standardized work processes for remote service.

✓  Troubleshoot maintenance tasks with accessible installation guides.

✓  Capture feedback from engineers for world-class maintenance.

create maintenance sop

Capture and share knowledge across distributed teams.

Standardize 50 ways of doing the same thing. 

Update maintenance SOPs and checklists on a tablet, smartphone, or smart glasses in seconds. 

Get input on best practices from field service experts across the organization. 

Access step-by-step instructions via QR codes or work orders. Online or offline. 


faster installation time

How other teams set up their engineering and maintenance SOPs.

ABB read more
Faster field service troubleshooting at ABB.

Solving problems faster. Delivering value for customers better.

Reyco Granning read more
Smoother training of engineers at Reyco Granning.

Impacting delivery and cycle times. Boosting product quality.

maintenance sops offline

Also available offline.

Maintain service quality levels - even in the most remote places. 

Guarantee delivery is on-time when technicians don't need to wait for answers from the support desk. 

Lower equipment failure rates with quality checks that are always available and up-to-date. 

Reduce training time of new problem solvers with practical on-the-job training and maintenance SOPs.


changeover time

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Setup time?

    You can have SwipeGuide up and running in your maintenance and service team within 24 hours. 

    We also support services to help you get started. 

  • Secured data?

    We're compliant with the most stringent international data and security standards, including ISAE 3000 (SOC2), ISAE 3402 SOC1, and GDPR.

  • Reporting?

    There is default reporting baked into SwipeGuide already. The SwipeGuide analytics dashboards highlight things like: 

    - How content is being used.
    - How work is executed.
    - What feedback is given.
    - Trends based on usage.
    - Differences across operations.
    - Anomalies between teams. 

  • Connect to other systems?

    Yes, you can connect SwipeGuide with other systems already in place, like: 

    - Work orders (eg. SAP and Salesforce)
    - Data visualization and analytics tools (eg. Grafana, PowerBI, Tableau, and Snowflake)
    - Embedded into your own service app (see how ABB did it here)

  • User management?

    You can easily set up user management in your platform settings: 

    - Platform admins: can access everything

    - Admins: can access local settings

    - Editors: content creators

    - Viewers: use published content

Improve your maintenance SOPs.
Save time and money.