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The AI-Powered Instruction Builder.

Our smart drag-and-drop instruction software helps you create, edit, and publish instructions and checklists in seconds. Available for tablets and desktops. 




Goodbye bad instructions - with the help of AI 🪄

Our cloud-based Instruction Builder makes it effortless to create, edit, and publish your instructions.

SwipeGuide AI (1)
SwipeGuide AI gives you smart recommendations on how to improve your content.


  • Create.

    Create a new step-by-step instruction on-the-go with a tablet or desktop in minutes.

    Snap photos, add visuals, include step notes and sign-offs with the intuitive instruction software. 

    Use pre-formatted templates or make your own from scratch.

    When you're done - translate into any language. 

  • Edit.

    Process changed?
    Update the equipment?
    Better way to do things? No stress.

    You can update any existing content whenever you want. 

  • Publish.

    Choose to publish your instruction either publicly or behind a password or login. Set up an approval workflow for compliance and audit support. Share your instruction via a QR code, a direct link, or embed into your existing flow of work. 


Create and edit checklists.

Track work execution and capture operational data with digital checks. Monitor adherence to company standards, capture deviations, and offer corrective action. 

Checklists are great for: 

  • Go-sees, inspections, audits, and Gemba Walks.
  • Safety, quality, cleaning, and 5S.
  • Machine startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Maintenance support. 

More information about the SwipeGuide instruction software.

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Languages and Translations.

Create and use your instructions in any left-to-right notated language.


Use Sign-offs to signal task completion, collect feedback, or check up on skills.