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Use digital Sign-offs to signal task completion and easily export your reporting. Ask your users to provide feedback after completing instructions, or check up on their skills after they complete training. You can determine where Sign-offs pop up, and decide on their frequency.

Price: $150/month for SwipeGuide Pro and Enterprise


Create sign-off_1426x1568

Confirm task execution and skills with Sign-off.

  • Receive real-time data on quality and compliance every time a user completes an instruction.

  • Use the pre-filled templates or create your Sign-off from scratch. 

  • Add your Sign-off to any existing Guide or Instruction. 

  • Assess skill level based on range, multiple choice, or yes/no questions.


Submit_sign-off_1426x1568 (1)

Collect useful data.

  • Allow users to submit Sign-offs with their own name. This confirms they've completed a task and allows them to provide feedback.

  • Analyze reports in the platform or export. 

  • Enrich training records and assess skill levels with Sign-off results. 

Create a Sign-off from scratch or use one of the existing templates. Preview before publishing.

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