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Look no further.

What does SwipeGuide cost?

SwipeGuide is paid by monthly or annual subscription. You'll find more information about pricing here

Are my instructions available offline?

Yes. You can publish to your own frontline apps  for both online and offline use: 

Responsive website: edit and access instructions online through the responsive browser version of SwipeGuide. 

App: The company-specific Frontline App can be installed on any iOS or Android device and used offline. The app will automatically download the latest version of any work instruction when connected to the internet.

Can I transfer my existing guides and instructions to SwipeGuide?

Absolutely. Our Customer Success team is here to make your transition to SwipeGuide a breeze. We’ll migrate your existing instructions in any format and language over to the SwipeGuide platform for you. 

Are my instructions available in the cloud?

Yes. SwipeGuide is a cloud SaaS platform. Your SwipeGuide Instruction Platform runs on a highly secured cloud with AWS, so you can be confident your guides, instructions, and tracking data are instantly available at all of your locations around the world.

Can I include images or video in my instructions?

Absolutely! With SwipeGuide’s instruction CMS, you get a robust built-in media editor and markup tool for static images. The platform also supports gifs and videos. 

Does SwipeGuide include version control?

Yes. On SwipeGuide’s Enterprise plan, you get version control capabilities, giving editors and admins the power to save, manage, or revert to previous versions of your instructions.

Does SwipeGuide support translations to multiple languages?

Yes. SwipeGuide’s Smart Instruction Builder is available for editors in English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese – and we’re always expanding our language support. 

You can translate your instructions to any left-to-right notated language by importing a JSON file of all instruction translations into SwipeGuide. And since you can edit translations in real-time, it’s a snap to make changes to translations in the field or on the factory floor.

Does SwipeGuide integrate with our tech stack?

SwipeGuide works best when integrated with your tech stack. Our robust APIs enable you to connect to the tools you currently use, and you can request custom integrations for specific tools and applications. Our Customer Success team will consult with you during onboarding to design and create the ideal user experience for your team.

Can I get help with creating instructions?

Definitely! SwipeGuide’s expert team of in-house instructional designers can provide you with first-class support in creating work instructions in SwipeGuide. You can reach them at any time via the chat (in the lower right corner when you’re logged into the platform). You can also reach out by email at support@swipeguide.com.

Will we lose our content if we don’t stay with SwipeGuide?

No matter what happens, you’ll retain full ownership of your content. In the event you don’t stay with SwipeGuide, we’ll help you store your content for transfer to another platform. You can download the content in JSON, XML, or PDF content.

How secure is SwipeGuide? Can I make sure SwipeGuide is only accessible for my own users?

SwipeGuide is secure by design. Our platform undergoes regular risk assessments and security audits by external parties. We provide added security with features such as ‘Single sign-on (SSO) and ‘Protected Platform.’ We can facilitate additional custom security requirements upon request for SwipeGuide Enterprise customers.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, SwipeGuide is compliant with the GDPR regulation that came into effect on May 1st, 2018 for all European companies. SwipeGuide is a European company based in the Netherlands and, therefore, follows all GDPR guidelines for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers in the Netherlands.

How does SwipeGuide ensure that the platform is not e.g. hacked and the info was stolen/accessed by someone?

We have a security system in place with QA and continuous pen-testing. We're SOCI & SOCII certified since June 2020. 

Where is SwipeGuide data physically hosted?

AWS: Dublin, Ireland.

Periscope: North Virginia.

Cloudinary: distributed through CDN globally.

Could you detail what measures have been put in place with regards to GDPR since some content may include personal data such as pictures?

SwipeGuide is a Software as a Service (SaaS). This means you use the software and have complete ownership and control over all data and content published with the software. We are a European company based in the Netherlands. We are compliant to the GDPR regulation that came into effect on May 1st 2018 for all European Companies.

We have a privacy policy and GDPR in place that ensures underlying data collection complies with current privacy law (in accordance with GDPR) and we enforce these with our suppliers (also in accordance with GDPR). We have a task list with the improvements to be made under the GDPR compliance. SwipeGuide operates with extensive privacy policies compliant with European Law. SwipeGuide has a Privacy Policy in place securing the process of the collection of personal data. SwipeGuide complies with GDPR as implemented on May 25th, 2018. Next to this SwipeGuide requires the customer to approve the processing of data under the DPA.