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What devices does SwipeGuide support?

SwipeGuide is a device-agnostic multi-space instruction software. Use SwipeGuide on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device with a compatible internet browser. SwipeGuide delivers the best user experiences on Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. The instruction editor (CMS) is also supported on Edge and IE11.

SwipeGuide can provide a custom solution for wearables from Realwear or Iristick upon request.

Content migration

Can I transfer my current guides and instructions to SwipeGuide?

Enjoy a smooth transition to SwipeGuide. Our Customer Success Team will support you to migrate your current instructions in any format and language to your SwipeGuide platform.


Is SwipeGuide in the cloud?

SwipeGuide is a cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and therefore not available on-premise. Your SwipeGuide Instruction Platform runs on a highly secured cloud with AWS to ensure that all guides, instructions, and tracking data are constantly and instantly available at every location around the globe.

Offline availability

Is SwipeGuide available offline?

SwipeGuide allows you to publish to your own web-apps for mobile and tablet on Android and Apple devices both online and offline. The company-specific offline/native app for Android and Apple is available for Enteprise customers of SwipeGuide. 

Content Privacy

Can I secure my content?

Yes, with our optional ‘Content Privacy’ feature.

If you're working with sensitive internal information such as manufacturing instructions, we understand the risk and compliance requirements you have to manage. 

Protect your content on your instruction platform from unauthorized access with end-user authorization.


Does SwipeGuide provide SSO?

Yes, SwipeGuide provides SSO authentication for users, editors, and admins through an OAuth2 integration.


Does SwipeGuide include version control?

SwipeGuide Enterprise and Enteprise+ have version control. This feature gives editors and admins the ability to save, manage, or revert to older versions of the guide or instruction.

Media Editor

Can I edit or markup images and video in the platform?

Yes. We offer robust functionality around visual markups. The instruction CMS has a built-in media editor and markup tool for static images.


Does SwipeGuide support translations in multiple languages?

Yes. The Instruction CMS is currently available in the following 8 languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

You can translate your instructions to any left-to-right notated language. Import a JSON file of all instruction translations directly into the SwipeGuide CMS.

Need changes on the go? Edit translations in real-time as you work. Any language not on the list? Ask us and we'll fix it for you.

Data privacy

Is SwipeGuide GDPR/HIPAA compliant?

SwipeGuide is a European company based in the Netherlands. Our software application can be used to create, edit, and publish user-generated content. Companies that use the software to create, edit, and share this content have complete ownership and control over all data and content published with the software. We are compliant to the GDPR regulation that came into effect on May 1st, 2018 for all European Companies. In short, HIPAA is not applicable to our software in itself. It is applicable to the content published with our software and that content is owned by the client.


What does SwipeGuide cost?

SwipeGuide is a cloud-based SaaS platform with a monthly or annual subscription fee. There are three subscription types: 

  1. SwipeGuide Pro:
    745€/month. Ideal for companies with one site, facility, or location. Single-space platform for instructions in one language of your choice.

  2. SwipeGuide Enterprise:
    Price from 1000€/site/month. Unlimited number of instructions and users with translations to all languages. Includes detailed analytics, offline availability, and content privacy.

Can SwipeGuide integrate with our API/tech stack?

SwipeGuide provides best business impact when integrated well with your tech stack. SwipeGuide provides robust APIs. You can also request a custom integration with your specific tools and applications. We will need more information as to the expected user and data behaviors in order to design and build the optimal user experience.

Termination of contract

If our partnership doesn’t work out, will I lose all the content we’ve created?

You have full ownership of your content. We will help and support retrieval in the unfortunate event that we decide to part ways. You will get the content in JSON, XML, or PDF format.

Extra services

Can I get support with creating instructions?

SwipeGuide has in-house instructional designers who can provide you with expert support in creating your instructions with SwipeGuide. You can always reach them via the chat (in the lower right corner when logged into your platform) or via