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SwipeGuide services.

We offer instructional design and content migration services to make your transition to SwipeGuide as smooth as possible. 




"Content creation support by the SwipeGuide team really helped us get started. We came a long way in just ONE day."

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Project Manager at Orkla

Content creation.

Have our instructional design and technical documentation experts create content for you. Our instructional design services can be done from scratch or based on existing SOPs, including: 

  • Set up the structure 
  • Investigate use cases
  • Textual content creation
  • Visual content creation
 Price $95/hour 
 Location Online or on-site.
 Duration Average: 3 hours / SOP (... but depends on the length and complexity of your procedures) 

On-site visits: starting from 16 hours.

(Price excludes travel and lodging costs)


Content migration.

Let us import your existing instructions and SOPs into your SwipeGuide platform.

 Price starting from $560
 Duration 2-5 days
 Supported formats Word, Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, and JSON

What the process usually looks like: 

1. You send us 2-3 example files of existing content. 
2. We investigate the options and send you a quote.
3. We migrate the content to SwipeGuide. 
4. You add the visuals - or ask us to do it for you.

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New SwipeGuide user? Our product experts will set you up for success. We'll support you with: 

  • Setting up your platform 
  • Briefing and training your team
  • Creating the first 1-2 SOPs
  • Ideating around the ideal activation plan
 Location On-site (you choose where) or online
 Duration Online: starting from 2 hours
On-site: starting from 16 hours
 Price $95/hour

(Price excludes travel and lodging costs)


Consultancy session.

Do you need support, tips or inspiration?

Book a consultancy session with our instructional design expert to make the most out of SwipeGuide.

Popular questions include: 

  • How can I improve instruction taxonomy? 
  • Can you review our content? 
  • How can we scale across teams? 
  • How can I analyze data? 
Location Online
Duration from 1 hour
Price $95/hour

PS. Our instructional design services are the most effective if you share your questions with us in advance.