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Meet our partners.

We collaborate with these companies in order to make your work instructions even better.

Samsung (600 × 600 px)

Stay connected and protected with Samsung.

Secure the devices and operating systems that your workforce uses to access digital work instructions.

  • Samsung Rugged Devices.

    Rugged devices that are easy to use and hard to break. Made for frontline professionals for all-day use on the shop floor and in the field. 

  • Samsung Knox.

    Isolate, encrypt, and secure your standard operating procedures with the Samsung Knox multi-layered, defense-grade security platform. 

Realwear navigator (600 × 600 px)

Realwear: wearables for industrial use.

Realwear produces industrial wearables that are durable, hands-free, and voice-controlled. 

  • Navigator 500.
    The RealWear Navigator™ 500 is the leading ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker.
  • HMT-1

    The rugged augmented reality headset built to enhance industrial worker performance.

  • HMT-1Z1

    The only wearable tough tablet on the planet approved for ATEX Zone 1, IECEx Zone 1, and CSA C1-D1.

AG5 (600 × 600 px)

Manage skills with AG5.

The integration of AG5 with SwipeGuide closes the loop on skills management and on-the-job training.

  • Manage skills development.

    Monitor the development of skills and look for experts that can be allocated to roles, workplaces, or projects.

  • Track proficiency levels.

    Make sure that the proficiency levels of individual employees and teams are according to standard. Connect to the SwipeGuide instructions that cover the skills needed and sign off by completing the instruction and marking as proficient in AG5.

xmreality (600 × 600 px)

Remote support with XMReality.

Give your team access to AR-powered remote support when they need it by integrating your SwipeGuide work instructions to XMReality.

  • Remote guidance.

    Running into issues that can't be solved with your digital work instructions? Connect to an expert via remote support.

  • Screen-sharing.

    Share your current view and highlight the issues you're facing with augmented remote assistance. 

rever (600 × 600 px)

Coordinate the balance of continuous improvement and standard work.

Create a unified environment of best practices and ongoing improvement with the SwipeGuide x Rever integration.

  • Create improvement idea.
    80% of improvement ideas come from the frontline - they should be implemented into the standard way of working. 

    From SwipeGuide, users can launch Rever to create Improvement Ideas, also known as "Revs".

    Improvement ideas follow the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" cycle and lead to improvements in standard work.


  • Detect deviations.
    Sometimes, people don't follow work instructions and standard operating procedures.

    If there's a deviation from the standard created in SwipeGuide, Rever can detect it and notify the team. 

    When the deviation has been fixed in SwipeGuide, it's logged and tracked in Rever again - for a perfect continuous improvement loop. 


beekeeper (600 × 600 px)

Seamless internal communication.

Empower your frontline teams to work and communicate smarter with Beekeeper

  • Connect instructions.

    Share the correct instructions with the teams that need them with the SwipeGuide integration.

  • Get insights.

    See how your teams are using and interacting with work instructions and standard operating procedures. 

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