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Continuous improvement ♥ standard work.

Create a unified environment of best practices and ongoing improvement with the SwipeGuide x Rever integration.

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Foster a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Step 1. Author your standards.

    Get insight into my own skills matrix for a personalized learning plan.

    Get access to the instructions for performing critical tasks.

    Learn on-the-job for a more effective experiential learning process.

  • Step 2. Create improvement idea.

    80% of improvement ideas come from the frontline - they should be implemented into the standard way of working.

    From SwipeGuide, users can launch Rever to create Improvement Ideas, also known as "Revs".

    Improvement ideas follow the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" cycle and lead to improvements in standard work.

  • Step 3. Deviations.

    Sometimes, people don't follow work instructions and standard operating procedures.

    If there's a deviation from the standard created in SwipeGuide, Rever can detect it and notify the team.

    When the deviation has been fixed in SwipeGuide, it's logged and tracked in Rever again - for a perfect continuous improvement loop. 

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