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How-to meets know-how.

Simplify the way people work and learn at the frontline.

Clear-cut platform for instructions, checklists, and skills development. 

Share scalable best practices across teams, lines, and sites. 

Drive people-powered continuous improvement. 


Trusted by frontrunners in 93 countries.

  • Work instructions.

    Create digital work instructions and other "how-to" job aids in 46 languages with the AI-powered instruction builder. 

  • Skills development.

    Skills-based learning that helps frontline teams learn the capabilities needed to keep up with expectations and thrive.

  • Skills matrix.

    Confirm that people have the skills needed to operate a certain machine or process with a dynamic skills matrix. 

  • Checklists.

    Track work execution, capture operational data, and flag deviations with digital checks. 

  • Analytics.

     Get actionable data and insights on how your content is used across operations. Drill down on usage and adoption while diagnosing areas for improvement.

  • API.

     Connect to other systems with the SwipeGuide API. 

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Errors on the shop floor & in the field.


Downtime reduction.


OEE improvement.

swipeguide digital work instructions Thermofisher

"We've seen quality performance improve and downtime reduce excessively"

Jyoti, Process Improvement Engineer
at Thermo Fisher in Cincinnati

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The Thermo Fisher team uses SwipeGuide digital work instructions and checklists to improve processes across lines and shifts.

Every task done right.
No matter who. No matter what.

Get to know the frontline how-to platform for collaborative and connected work at scale.


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