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Where the top manufacturing companies empower teams to continuously improve first-time-right with scalable digital work instructions.

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Trusted by 100,410 operators in 74 countries.

For when you realize PDF and paper instructions are part of the past.

Production errors, operational downtime, and tribal knowledge. All improved with better work instructions. Empower lean manufacturing and optimize the capabilities of your team.

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The best and brightest brands use SwipeGuide to improve the operational efficiency of shop floor processes.

We empower our customers to realize the continuous improvement of their procedures with digital work instructions.
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Why digital work instructions?

  • 01

    Create & Publish.

    Operator. Engineer. Instructions by your experts. Create and publish in minutes, on any device.

  • 02

    Distribute & Share.

    Work instructions made in minutes and distributed with NFC or QR codes for instant access. Share standards across factory apps with a single click.

  • 03

    Discover & Use.

    Finally, instructions for digital natives. Online. Offline. Use on mobile and wearable devices and discovered anywhere.

  • 04

    Track & Improve.

    Comment, Rate, and Track. The instruction analytics you need to enable continuous improvement.

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    Expert Services.

    Get the most out of your instructions by enrolling in the SwipeGuide Digital Instruction Academy. Always be learning.

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