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Bridgestone Tires

Customer Story:

This is how Bridgestone stays ahead in the tire manufacturing industry by enhancing productivity and reducing accidents with user-friendly work instructions. 


More effective digital standards and an increase in safety and productivity.

  • Bridgestone is digitizing more than 600 paper and PDF work instructions and SOPs.

  • Digital SOPs mean greater efficiency and fewer safety issues in their factories.

  • Operational knowledge is now instantly available on mobile devices.

  • Effective standards can be shared worldwide with the push of a button.

  • Continuous improvement is empowered with detailed analytics.

This is how Mónika’s team consistently delivers exceptional quality tires that exceed customer expectations at Bridgestone with the help of accessible instructions and checklists.

Bridgestone Factory

Preventing confusion on the shop floor.

In the past, finding the correct work instructions could hinder productivity or cause confusion on the shop floor.

Lengthy instructions (sometimes around 80 pages) in Excel format made it difficult for employees to locate the specific steps they needed.

Goals with SwipeGuide: 


"The software’s flexibility, checklist feature, analytics, and scalability are added benefits for significant loss elimination."

bridgestone  300x200

Mónika, Quality Assurance Documentation Specialist at Bridgestone

People-powered quality assurance.

The Bridgestone team has implemented SwipeGuide checklists into their daily operations in order to reduce the administrative workload on the shop-floor and easily analyze the incoming quality data from the shop floor.



instructions are being transferred into SwipeGuide

Monika Bridgestone

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