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Realwear x SwipeGuide at Lagunitas

Customer Story: HEINEKEN

Here's how HEINEKEN uses SwipeGuide to deliver essential operational knowledge to the shop floor.

HEINEKEN aims to continuously improve efficiency in its brewery operations. HEINEKEN is using SwipeGuide to deliver digital standard work that empowers knowledge sharing throughout a global value chain.


Breweries worldwide using SwipeGuide.


Instructions Available.


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Lagunitas work instructions

Better work instructions for operators.

  • Effortless distribution.

    The automatic QR code generator means that machine operators at HEINEKEN simply scan a code on their machine to access the work instruction they need for the task at hand. This provides instant knowledge and takes the time and guesswork out of receiving support.

  • Easy to use.

    Within the platform, work instructions are presented in a simple, visual interface that translates well for both digital natives and those employees who are not as savvy with technology. They just have to swipe from one step to the next to complete their task.

  • Immediate access.

    Similar to their supervisors, operators now have confidence that the instructions at hand are the most current version. If individuals know that what they’re using is the most current information - especially if they see their own input involved - they’re much more inclined to follow the directions to the letter.

  • On-the-job learning. 

    Workforce Excellence platforms aren’t beneficial if users create sub-standard content. HEINEKEN maintains high-quality content with ongoing support in the form of train-the-trainer programs and content reviews at regular intervals.

    These training programs are more effective because they can be delivered straight from the relevant machine - each employee gets relevant, interactive lessons directly on the production line.

  • Feedback.

    SwipeGuide allows HEINEKEN to capture, review, and implement the knowledge of its experts - the employees who use these machines on a daily basis. When a user, in this case a machine operator, has a suggestion about how to improve a process or procedure they simply use the built-in Instruction Comment feature to leave detailed feedback.

  • Shopfloor integration.

    SwipeGuide doesn’t just work in a vacuum - our platform integrates with a wide variety of shop floor apps to boost overall productivity, communication effectiveness, skills management, and performance.

    Our partnership with XMReality uses augmented reality to deliver troubleshooting support in those instances where work instructions simply aren’t enough. Machine operators are able to visualize remote support for the task at hand. Read more about our integrations and partnerships

  • ... and Cupcakes?

    What do cupcakes have to do with digital transformation? Quite a bit, actually.

    A critical part of any successful digital transformation is making sure that everyone within an organization is enthusiastic and informed about the tools in use on the shop floor. One brewery in South Africa stepped up to the challenge in a particularly...delicious way.

    This brewery decided to throw a launch party to familiarize its staff with some of the key functionalities of the SwipeGuide platform by giving out cupcakes with QR codes attached, that they could scan with their phones to win prizes.

    While it sounds like fun and games, this initiative helped new adopters learn while doing and see for themselves the potential of ridiculously simple knowledge delivery for the shop floor. It also helped inspire enthusiasm and awareness for the solution in other breweries.

Heineken logo
Heineken Logo
Heineken work instructions

Standard work for supervisors.

  • Knowledge capture.

    A collaborative and democratized workforce excellence platform changes the way that standard work is created. Instead of a few individuals responsible for creating, reviewing, and editing work instructions, HEINEKEN uses SwipeGuide to give the control back to the experts - in a format that’s easy to use and simple to distribute.

    Tablet editing allows every content creator to capture images and create work instructions on the production line.
  • Distribution.

    HEINEKEN uses SwipeGuide to standardize and improve knowledge for frontline teams. Edits can be made to a work instruction from the production line, and the updated standards are instantly in the hands of employees. Team leaders at HEINEKEN can have the confidence that their teams will follow the (correct) work instruction and get the job done quickly and correctly.

    How can we ensure that the information is correct? The SwipeGuide platform provides a comprehensive feature for approval workflows - this means that HEINEKEN can review any new or updated content to make sure it’s up to their rigorous standards.

  • ROI for supervisors.

    This simplicity and accuracy translate directly into better FTR, CILT scores, and a reduction in errors and downtime.






Through the reduction of downtime and changeover times, HEINEKEN has increased their Operational Performance Indicators significantly.

Extract Losses

Extract losses, the loss of product due to a defect or production error, have been reduced dramatically. Better First-Time-Right means fewer mistakes made by frontline employees and less waste for the brewery.


FTR stands for First Time Right, and is tied directly to error reduction. With SwipeGuide, FTR rates at HEINEKEN have soared. This means significantly less waste of materials, a significant reduction in defects, and improved product quality.


HEINEKEN uses a methodology known as 5S to qualify and standardize hygiene , cleanliness, and the efficiency.
Since implementing SwipeGuide, 5S scores have increased due to better access to work instructions and standards.

CILT Standards

Cleaning Inspection Lubrication and Tightening is a crucial process used to ensure the success of regular machine maintenance.
With SwipeGuide, HEINEKEN has seen the execution of CILT improve steadily.

Coaching and Training

One of the most innovative applications of the SwipeGuide platform at HEINEKEN has been the implementation of daily coaching sessions and One Point Lessons, facilitated by SwipeGuide’s intuitive step-by-step interface.

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Connected Brewery Certificate of Appreciation
HEINEKEN Certificate of approval.

SwipeGuide has been recognized as a Star Supplier by The HEINEKEN Company's Connected Brewery program.