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Realwear x SwipeGuide at Lagunitas

Customer Story: HEINEKEN

Brewery teams around the world are using SwipeGuide to capture and share critical operational knowledge in order to continuously improve their processes.


Breweries worldwide using SwipeGuide.


Instructions available.


Monthly views.

Lagunitas work instructions

Better work instructions for operators.

Heineken's frontline has access to digital standards and job aids that make it simple to access the correct operational knowledge in the moment of need.

Benefits of SwipeGuide:

  • Effortless distribution.

    The automatic QR code generator means that machine operators at HEINEKEN simply scan a code on their machine to access the work instruction they need. This provides instant knowledge and takes the time and guesswork out of receiving support.

  • Easy to use.

    Work instructions are presented in a simple, visual interface that works for both digital natives and  employees who aren't as savvy with technology. They just have to swipe from one step to the next to complete their task.

  • Accurate standards.

    Operators now have confidence that the instructions at hand are the most current version, and trust that they can follow the directions to the letter.

  • On-the-job learning. 

    Heineken's training programs are more effective with SwipeGuide because they can be delivered straight from the relevant machine - each employee gets relevant, mobile, interactive learning content directly on the production line.

  • Feedback.

    SwipeGuide allows HEINEKEN to capture, review, and implement the knowledge of its expert frontline workforce. When a user  has a suggestion about how to improve a process or procedure they simply use the built-in feedback feature.

  • Shopfloor integration.

    SwipeGuide doesn’t work in a vacuum - our platform integrates with a wide variety of shop floor apps to boost overall productivity, communication effectiveness, skills management, and performance.

Heineken logo
Heineken Logo
Heineken work instructions

Standard work for supervisors.

Heineken uses SwipeGuide to standardize and improve processes throughout their global network of breweries.

Wins with SwipeGuide:

  • Knowledge capture.

    Instead of a few individuals responsible for creating, reviewing, and editing work instructions, HEINEKEN uses SwipeGuide to continuously improve standards - in a format that’s easy to use and simple to distribute.

    Tablet editing allows every content creator to capture images and create work instructions on the production line.
  • Knowledge validation.

    How can we ensure that the information in these standards is correct? The SwipeGuide platform provides a comprehensive feature for approval workflows - this means that HEINEKEN can review any new or updated content to make sure it’s up to their rigorous standards.

  • ROI for supervisors.

    This simplicity and accuracy translate directly into better FTR, CILT scores, and a reduction in errors and downtime.






Heineken has boosted Operational Performance Indicators by reducing downtime and changeover times.

Extract Losses

Product losses have been reduced dramatically thanks to fewer human errors.


First Time Right is tied directly to error reduction. This means significantly less waste and a significant reduction in defects.


5S measures hygiene, cleanliness, and efficiency. 5S scores have increased dramatically due to better access to operational knowledge.

CILT Standards

Improved Cleaning Inspection Lubrication and Tightening ensure the success of regular machine maintenance.

Coaching and Training

Daily coaching sessions and One-Point-Lessons are facilitated by SwipeGuide’s intuitive step-by-step interface.

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Connected Brewery Certificate of Appreciation
HEINEKEN Certificate of approval.

SwipeGuide has been recognized as a Star Supplier by The HEINEKEN Company's Connected Brewery program.