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Guide Approval.

Use the Guide Approval workflows for standardized publishing.


Approved by the Team.

Rest assured that the work instructions and standards on your SwipeGuide platform has been reviewed and approved by the authorized people on your Team before it’s published.

Achieve compliance, high-quality work instructions, and better collaboration. 

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Control your content in accordance with the ISO and GMP governed work instruction document quality control guidelines.


Quality Control.

Publish consistently high-quality content while facilitating a smoother way to communicate responsibilities in the process.


How does it work?

Set up your Guide Approval workflow according to your organization's needs. Control who approves content, when, and what is published.




  • Select the "Approvers" = the Team members that need to approve the content before it's published.

    Guide Approval example
  • Request Approval of a Guide. The Guide Approver will be notified per email.

    Request Approval

  • Guide Approval rejected. Email notification to Guide Editor  with subject line "Your guide needs revisions" including feedback from the Approver. 

    Your guide needs revisions

  • Guide Approval. Email notification to Guide Editor with subject line "Your Guide is going live". 

    Your Guide is going live