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Customer Story: ABB

Here's how ABB uses SwipeGuide to standardize work and empower continuous improvement.



ABB is a global leader in energy-saving solutions for major manufacturers around the world. Their innovative products allow customers to optimize operational and energy efficiency and create a cost-effective, sustainable future for a broad range of industries.

Dedicated to improving their customers’ user experience, ABB looked to SwipeGuide to bring these same standards of efficiency to the way they capture and distribute knowledge.  

ABB has adopted our step-by-step digital work instructions for use with their innovative variable speed drives (VSD) business. Easy to author and intuitive to use, our solution delivers product knowledge on mobile devices to ABB’s customers and own engineers alike. This leads to less waste, lower cost-to-serve, and more satisfied customers around the world.

In a world where engineers and consumers learn, grow, and work on smartphones and tablets, SwipeGuide is a solution that makes perfect sense in Industry 4.0. 


Digital solutions for innovative products.

Intuitive digital work instructions have been implemented in two distinct ways in ABB’s daily operations. Our goal was to integrate the SwipeGuide solution with ABB’s existing systems worldwide to achieve phased scaling with a global impact.


ABB swipeguide customer

All images courtesy of ABB.



Use Case 1: Internal work instructions.

Maintaining peak operational performance for all ABB variable speed drives is a top priority across their global market. To this end, ABB employs field service engineers (FSE) in over 50 countries who install, commission, and maintain the VSDs.

As the front line in providing customer support and maintaining the effectiveness of ABB variable speed drives worldwide, these engineers depend on having correct, up-to-date information at the moment of need. If work instructions are difficult to use, out of date, or inaccessible, it can cause unnecessary and expensive downtime for customers.

The ABB Drives’ support team uses SwipeGuide’s intuitive and user-friendly interface to  easily create instructions for their engineers. The platform - always up to date and available on any mobile device - allows ABB engineers in the field access to a quick and efficient solution.

ABB’s intelligent, cloud-connected VSDs (IoT) collect vast amounts of data. This data provides ABB with essential information about the causes of faults in their equipment. For example, VSDs can record data on each specific fault message - including name, code, time, and the date it occurred. Using this information, customers can use the SwipeGuide platform to request the specific and most relevant fix.




SwipeGuide's CMS is very intuitive and it really provides a great user experience. My team creates visual guides that are simple to design, fast to deploy, and can be viewed on any device. Also, the usage stats and user feedback help us improve day-to-day processes and operations.


Project Software Manager

ABB Motion
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Continuous improvement.

Not only does SwipeGuide’s platform deliver effective and user-friendly work instructions at the moment of need, but they’re designed to facilitate continuous improvement and revision of the content.

Let’s say, an ABB field service engineer encounters a problem while doing maintenance on a VSD, and can’t find a documented solution. She can now provide real-time feedback through the platform to improve the instructions and make the process easier and more efficient in the future - all with the push of a button. 

After a case has been resolved, ABB experts can analyze the cause and solution and add relevant information to the SwipeGuide work instructions. These regular updates and revisions ensure that every ABB engineer is using the most current and relevant information to solve problems for customers. Our platform facilitates a culture of intuitive, continuous improvement of ABB’s instructions and processes. 

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Use Case 2: End-user installation guides.

SwipeGuide supports ABB service partners, partner networks, and customers who purchase a variable speed drive and want to use the product correctly.

The SwipeGuide instruction platform gives ABB’s customers access to a “self-service” step-by-step installation and commissioning guide in a user-friendly public portal available on any device. With these instructions, customers are able to correctly install, troubleshoot, and maintain their VSDs.

ABB and their global partners experience distinct benefits when customers can confidently and safely operate their products:


  • SwipeGuide empowers users to fix preventable errors and troubleshoot the setup and operation of VSDs. They can spend more time managing urgent and critical problems elsewhere.

  • Digital work instructions ensure more satisfied customers who have a better working knowledge of their ABB products, and who experience an overall more positive experience operating their machinery. This is an immediate boost to customer relationships and ABB’s global reputation.
ABB swipeguide lean

Continuous improvement.

SwipeGuide’s commitment to facilitating continuous improvement doesn’t end with ABB’s engineers, either. We’ve designed our platform to collect both open and targeted feedback from customers, directly through the SwipeGuide app. 


Real-time feedback.

  • Customers can leave detailed comments on any instruction with the push of a button.
  • ABB’s support teams can then discover what works, what needs clarifying, and how to further optimize each instruction.


Custom Instruction Scoring.

  • Curious about a particular metric? Want to ask a question to customers directly?

  •  Integrated instruction scoring campaigns allow ABB support teams to place custom questions directly into strategic locations within the work instructions.


The combination of intuitive, step-by-step visual instructions and a platform designed for continuous improvement allows ABB to provide an effortless experience for customers - and one that only keeps getting better.

Customers will experience less downtime, resolve errors more quickly, and reduce costs with SwipeGuide digital work instructions. 


Phased scaling with a global impact.

ABB's Commercialize program (CCC) is designed to develop partnerships with startups to solve real industrial challenges through innovation and a dynamic and reactive way of working.

After a successful proof-of-value pilot project, the initial roll-out of instructions for ABB variable speed drives took place in April 2019. As we continued our successful partnership, SwipeGuide was launched globally in the summer of 2019 for both internal work instructions and and end user installation guides, in up to 100 countries around the world. 

Currently, production of SwipeGuide digital work instructions lies with ABB’s support teams and product experts. However, there is a plan in place to create a truly flexible instruction community - a collaborative network of marketing, technical, and customer support professionals who provide unique insights into optimizing the instruction experience.

As our collaboration develops, ABB will incorporate the SwipeGuide platform beyond the world of VSDs. Their vision is to include our solution with a wide range of products and services. 

To facilitate a truly global impact for ABB customers, our guides are instantly available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. Work instructions will soon be offered in Russian.

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Highlighted features.

  • Multispace. 
  • Password protection.
  • Search. 
  • Multilingual. 
  • Tags. 
  • Versioning.
  • Native app.
  • Instruction scoring.