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ABB Smart Sensor

Customer Story: ABB

Here's how ABB uses SwipeGuide to standardize work from China to Switzerland.

Dedicated to improving their customers’ user experience, ABB looked to SwipeGuide to bring these same standards of efficiency to the way they capture and distribute knowledge.

In a world where engineers and consumers learn, grow, and work on smartphones and tablets,

  • ABB has adopted SwipeGuide step-by-step digital work instructions for use with their innovative variable speed drives (VSD) business.

  • Easy to author and intuitive to use.

  • Deliver product knowledge on mobile devices to ABB customers and their
    field service engineers.

  • Less waste, lower cost-to-serve, and more satisfied customers around the world.

Intuitive digital work instructions have been implemented in two distinct ways in ABB’s daily operations. Our goal was to integrate the SwipeGuide solution with ABB’s existing systems worldwide to achieve phased scaling with a global impact.

ABB Internal work instructions

"My team creates visual guides that are simple to design, fast to deploy, and can be viewed on any device."

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ABB Motion

Internal work instructions.

Maintaining peak operational performance for all ABB variable speed drives is a top priority across their global market. To this end, ABB employs field service engineers (FSE) in over 50 countries who install, commission, and maintain the VSDs.

  • Effortless distribution.


    ABB engineers depend on having correct, up-to-date information in the field. If work instructions are difficult to use, out of date, or inaccessible, it can cause unnecessary and expensive downtime for customers.

  • Field Service Engineering.

    The ABB Drives’ support team uses SwipeGuide’s intuitive and user-friendly interface to  easily create instructions for their engineers. The platform - always up to date and available on any mobile device - allows ABB engineers in the field access to a quick and efficient solution.

    ABB’s intelligent, cloud-connected VSDs (IoT) collect vast amounts of data.Using this information, customers can use the SwipeGuide platform to request the specific and most relevant fix.


ABB Installation guides

"Bringing simplicity into content creation. Fast to learn tool that requires no previous skills on content creation. Good feedback & analytics in-built for collecting user insights."

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Installation guides

for ABB service partners, partner networks, and customers.

The SwipeGuide instruction platform gives ABB’s customers access to a “self-service” step-by-step installation and commissioning guide in a user-friendly public portal available on any device.

With these instructions, customers are able to correctly install, troubleshoot, and maintain their VSDs.


  • Troubleshooting.
    SwipeGuide empowers users to fix preventable errors and troubleshoot the setup and operation of VSDs. They can spend more time managing urgent and critical problems elsewhere.
  • Satisfied customers.
    Digital work instructions ensure more satisfied customers who have a better working knowledge of their ABB products, and who experience an overall more positive experience operating their machinery.
SwipeGuide has been integrated into the ABB Access App to empower frontline teams worldwide.

Continuous improvement.

Effective and user-friendly work instructions at the moment of need. With the power of continuous improvement and effortless revision.

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ABB Customer Story

For engineers in the field.

FSE provide real-time feedback through the platform to improve instructions and make process easier and more efficient in the future.

ABB Feedback from customer

Feedback from customers.

ABB's customers can also leave real-time feedback in end-user instructions on the SwipeGuide platform.

ABB Custom Instruction Scoring

Custom Instruction Scoring.

Integrated instruction scoring campaigns allow ABB support teams to place custom questions directly into strategic locations within the work instructions.

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All images courtesy of  ABB.