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Customer Story: Reyco Granning

This is how Reyco Granning promotes a culture of learning on the shop floor with crowdsourced standard operating procedures made in SwipeGuide.

  • Reduce the time to create work instructions for shop floor teams.
  • Eliminate the need to track and manage complex and cumbersome revision history.
  • Encourages employee participation and updates to existing workflows and standards.
  • Easy to approve and revise standards and work instructions with approval workflows.
All images courtesy of Reyco Granning.

Made for heavy-duty, focused on the highest quality.

Reyco Granning is an American heavy duty suspension manufacturer that's been delivering best-in-class heavy machinery suspension systems for over 90 years. They’re a family-owned company with a focus on efficiency and flexibility since these are mission-critical traits in an industry of global competition. They depend on their = factories to maintain an impeccable level of consistency and quality. Reyco Granning’s products are critical to the safety of transportation and emergency response vehicles across the US - therefore highest product quality is indisputable.

Reyco Granning is continuously improving its way of working to stay competitive in an international market. From a management perspective, this means growing both processes and people. Reyco Granning ultimately depends on growing and empowering the human part of their workforce to meet their ambitious continuous improvement and standardization goals.

With their collaboration with SwipeGuide, Reyco Granning has been able to leverage a digital transformation to improve and standardize the core elements of their practical problem-solving initiative (PPS).


Human-centered problem solving supported by digital tools.

The majority of Reyco Granning’s processes on the shop floor are manual processes - from welding, painting, and fabricating, to the assembly and packaging of their complex suspension systems. The bottom line? Each and every process is in some way touched by people - leaving room for expensive and time-consuming human errors in almost every aspect of the production process.

But Reyco Granning is dedicated to training its employees in problem-solving. It’s their view that every member of the workforce is equipped with the problem-solving resources to make an impact by continuously improving their manufacturing processes.

“It takes more than a few engineers and managers to make a significant impact. It takes an entire workforce for real continuous improvement to be implemented and sustained.”

Caleb 500x500 (1)

Manufacturing Engineer at Reyco Granning

Impact by and for the team. 

The most frequently used technique is their Practical Problem Solving Initiative (PPS). This is a simple tool with an 8-step methodology that analyzes, understands, and resolves a problem within a manufacturing process.

Most critically - PPS  is used to standardize effective solutions to ensure that processes are continuously improved.

Before SwipeGuide, these standards were created within word processing documents which required a lengthy process of editing, formatting, printing, approval, multiple draft reviews, reformatting, signatures, and then ultimately the training of the frontline workforce. Because of the complexity, time, and the sheer effort required to implement and standardize PPS initiatives, solutions often fell through the cracks and valuable improvements were lost.

Creating standards with a comprehensive digital platform like SwipeGuide has allowed Reyco Granning to more effectively and efficiently standardize, distribute, and improve the results of PPS initiatives throughout the manufacturing environment, with input from the people on the shop floor. 


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