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Thermo Fisher

Customer Story:
Thermo Fisher

This is how Thermo Fisher uses SwipeGuide across lab and production operations to improve quality performance and frontline training.



reduction in time to create SOPs.


reduction in SMED setup time.


faster task execution.

Boosting quality and efficiency with
user-friendly job aids.

  • Standardize processes to reduce inspection failures, downtime, and setup time.

  • Easy to access and use SOPs on tablets available at the production line that streamline task execution.

  • Integration with PowerBI for better data analysis and continuous improvement.
ThermoFisher swipeguide

"Professionalism throughout has been world-class."

thermo fisher


Manager of Manufacturing Operations at Thermo Fisher in Cincinnati


Battling inspection failures.

Line clearance and inspection failures were some of the main quality issues Thermo Fisher's packaging team experienced in the past.

A combination of standardization across teams and improved training has allowed Thermo Fisher to greatly reduce the amount of inspection failures.


reduction in time to create SOPs.

Thermo Fisher 2

"Safety has been improved and production line efficiency has been increased greatly through digital instructions created by our plant managers."

CUSTOMER STORY_thermo Fisher Rounded logo


PPI Business System Specialist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific


5S Audits with Checklists.

Thermo Fisher uses the Checklists feature to perform more effective audits in both production and lab department Gemba walks.

Supervisors can verify task execution and compliance in the production environment - and analyze this data for continuous improvement.

  • More effective for supervisors.

    Supervisors performing 5S audits with Checklists simply record their observations in a tablet as they're walking through the production environment.

  • Better data for improvements.

    Performance data can be immediately analyzed in PowerBI because it's collected instantly and digitally. This allows Thermo Fisher to identify key focus areas for improvement.

ThermoFisher 3

"Everyone is performing efficiently because they now have a guide that they can use if they get assigned to a different line that they haven't worked in a while."

thermo fisher yvette


PPI Business System Specialist III at Thermo Fisher Scientific


Reduction of setup time.

Step-by-step digital work instructions give Thermo Fisher's frontline teams the knowledge they need to more efficiently set up complex sensors at the production line.

  • Simple instructions for complex tasks.

    These sensors can be challenging to work with - so it's crucial that teams have clear and up-to-date instructions available.

  • Flexible frontline.

    When the correct standards are available at the line, teams can perform sensor setup correctly every time - even if it's been a while.

    This means supervisors have the ability to keep downtime low when they flex in workers from another shift.


reduction in SMED setup time.

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Thermo Fisher Shandon
Thermo Fisher Jyoti
Thermo Fisher Lisa

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