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Thermo Fisher

Customer Story:
Thermo Fisher

This is how the packaging department of Thermo Fisher in Cincinnati, Ohio uses standard operating procedures to improve quality performance.



reduction in time to create SOPs.


reduction in SMED setup time.


faster task execution.

Digital SOPs boost quality and efficiency.

  • Standardize processes to greatly reduce inspection failures.

  • Digital SOPs improve and streamline task execution.

  • Reduce downtime by implementing quality checks.

  • Reduce SOP authoring time.

This is how Jyoti, Lisa, and Shandon use SwipeGuide to improve processes.

Thermo Fisher

Battling inspection failures.

Line clearance and inspection failures were some of the main quality issues the packaging team experienced in the past.

Goals with SwipeGuide: 

  • 1. Standardize processes.
    Make sure all processes are being performed the same way, with the same results throughout the department.
  • 2. Align shifts.

    Align all four shifts to make communication and end-products cohesive between the different groups and supervisors.

  • 3. Improve training and uptime.

    Thermo Fisher wanted a tool that could train operators and ensure that all lines kept running smoothly.

Thermo Fisher

"Professionalism throughout has been world-class."

Thermo Fisher Scientific Patheon round 100x100

Jeff, Manager of Manufacturing Operations at Thermo Fisher in Cincinnati

Driving quality performance.

After successfully implementing SwipeGuide, the team has a standard process in place to align their shifts and train operators. But the results don't stop there.

Achievements and ROIs: 

  • Downtime reduction.

    Quality checks at capper and bottling machines reduce the amount of unplanned downtime.

  • Quality performance.

    Clear, digital standards have greatly improved quality performance while reducing waste.

  • Smooth operations.

    Lines run more efficiently and with less downtime because operators can always reference the correct way to execute a task.

  • Process flow optimization.

    Thermo Fisher has greater control over their process flow - meaning they can adjust and correct to ensure it's being performed properly.

Thermo Fisher Shandon
Thermo Fisher Jyoti
Thermo Fisher Lisa

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