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GSF SwipeGuide

Golden State Foods: Digital Work Instructions for Optimal Performance.

Learn how GSF is using SwipeGuide to ensure consistency and product quality across their operations achieving -47% in meat forming time. 

Knowledge capture and performance consistency.

Golden State Foods (GSF) is one of the largest diversified suppliers to the food service industry. GSF counts approximately 125,000 restaurants in more than 50 countries as its customers and provides services from 50 locations around the world.

In the food industry, quality is everything. The pursuit of quality, coupled with core values like innovation and customer service, prompted GSF to standardize their internal procedures and onboarding processes. 

  • Accessible work instructions for use in real-time on the shop floor. 

  • User friendly Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Putting them in practice is as easy as swiping on your phone. 

  • Addressing staffing issues with motivated and engaged employees. 

  • Highly trained operators can easily transfer knowledge to others and articulate equipment problems to maintenance colleagues.


Machinery Inspection Tech

"With continuous improvement, you’re always looking to make things better. If we improve a procedure, we want to be able to distribute it as quickly as possible. SwipeGuide is a great tool to do that."

jason prince

Jason Prince

Senior Director of Operations, GSF

Empowering team members to drive continuous improvement.

GSF embarked on a journey to update their SOPs. They wanted to make these procedures as accessible and easy to implement as possible in order to drive productivity and train new team members quickly. They chose SwipeGuide as their enablement tool.

  • Unparalleled ease of use.

    GSF provides iPads for operators to get the information they need on the job. With SwipeGuide, employees simply need to scan a QR code to access step-by-step work instructions and SOPs. 

  • A central digital platform.

    Using SwipeGuide, GSF has documented a variety of SOPs and instructions, from steps to operate machinery to best practices for performing office tasks. Having these in one central digital library has helped them improve lean manufacturing adoption.

  • Capture expert knowledge.

    The SwipeGuide platform is designed to make collecting feedback on best practices as easy and intuitive as possible. Subject matter experts can deliver their input on each step of a process with the push of a button.


meat forming time.

GSF Performance consistency

Performance consistency for high-quality results.

Having the ability to deliver standardized, digital work instructions throughout their production sites means that GSF can count on the right work instructions to be delivered where, and when, it’s needed. 

  • Operational knowledge.
    Detailed step-by-step knowledge about each and every process throughout the production environment is delivered to every frontline employee on a handheld device. These standards are designed for clarity and enhanced by clear visuals of the task at hand.
  • Repeatable results.

    GSF’s frontline employees are performing their work with standardized work instructions across sites, lines, and shifts within GSF’s value chain. Consistent access to accurate knowledge means consistent results and fewer errors on the shop floor.

  • A better experience.

    GSF reports that their employees are thrilled to have access to standardized work instructions - it makes their job easier and removes any frustration or guesswork about the task at hand. Happier workers mean fewer errors, and a high quality end-product.

Golden State Foods

A refined digital onboarding process.

In an industry that suffers from a labor shortage, GSF was looking to speed up training times to drive productivity.

Standardized processes have also helped the company onboard new employees quickly while still driving efficiency on the shop floor.

  • Improved training.

    Using a digital work instruction platform facilitates quicker training and onboarding, helping the company meet its production numbers.

  • Continued excellence.

    Using SwipeGuide as an on-the-job training tool means that GSF can continue the onboarding process past the traditional classroom learning process. This gives new hires the opportunity to solidify new skills with a tool that delivers expert knowledge in real-time.

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