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Smooth frontline training programs.

Standardize frontline training
- reduce errors.  

✓  Straightforward SOP management built for process improvement. 

✓  Streamline your training programs across teams, lines, and sites.  

✓  Reduce training time and cost with accessible on-the-job training. 

scalable frontline training

Easy knowledge sharing.

Up-to-date and accessible on any device. 

Create and update user-friendly instructions and checklists for frontline training. 

Automatically translate content and share with teams across the organization. 

Access training materials and procedures through QR codes, direct links, or embed in existing systems. 


instruction authoring time

This is how others set up their frontline training programs.

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Scalable training programs at ZEVx.

Delivering best practices to different levels of customers and installers nationwide.

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Onboarding and training at Orkla.

Improving efficiency in training new employees across sites.

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Boosting operational efficiency at Barilla.

Saving time and money by reducing the need for manual training of new employees.

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Continuously improving processes at Maxion Wheels.

Improving efficiency and collaboration among teams.

Benefits continuous improvement (1426 × 1568 px)

Fostering a culture of learning.

Human-centered problem solving supported by digital instructions.

Give team members the confidence to perform their jobs without second thoughts or incidents.

Onboard new employees faster. Give them access to the information they need to succeed. 

Continuously improve the results of initiatives with input from the people on the shop floor.




Frequently asked questions

about frontline training. 
  • Intuitive?

    User-friendliness is our core belief.

    We've built the SwipeGuide platform so anyone can start creating standards right now and have them live on the production floor today. 

  • Approval process?

    There's a flexible approval system in the SwipeGuide Instruction Builder.

    You can select who should review and approve content before it's published. 

  • Languages?

    SwipeGuide is a global solution that supports any left-to-right notated language. Our Auto-Translate feature makes it a breeze to translate content. 

    Read more about languages and localization here

  • Secured data?

    We're compliant with the most stringent international data and security standards, including ISAE 3000 (SOC2), ISAE 3402 SOC1, and GDPR.

  • Reporting?

    There is default reporting baked into SwipeGuide already. The SwipeGuide analytics dashboards highlight things like: 

    - How content is being used.
    - How work is executed.
    - What feedback is given.
    - Trends based on usage.
    - Differences across operations.
    - Anomalies between teams. 

  • File types?

    When creating instructions, checklists, and SOPs in SwipeGuide, you can include visuals in the following file formats:

  • Services?

    Don't worry - you don't have to create all the content yourself. We can help you with creating and migrating your existing content into SwipeGuide.

    Check out our professional implementation services here.

  • On-the-job training?

    SwipeGuide is made for on-the-job training. See more information in this article: On-the-Job Training in Manufacturing: a Recipe to Train & Motivate.

Improve your frontline training.
Save time and money.