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Barilla Customer Story Tomato suase

Standardizing Operational Knowledge
for Barilla.

Our partnership with the world's largest pasta manufacturer has helped them continue to meet their own exceptional standards by revolutionizing the way that they capture and distribute operational knowledge on the factory floor.

Operational efficiency & improved training.

After successfully implementing SwipeGuide digital work instructions, Barilla has:

  • Dramatically improved the Overall Operational Efficiency (OEE) of their production lines.

  • Reduced training time and costs for new employees.

  • Captured frontline knowledge, shared best practices, and improved processes.

  • Reduced shop floor errors to improve food safety and quality.

  • Standardized work instructions and operating procedures. Say goodbye to ‘50 ways of doing the same thing.’
Barilla work instructions

"We see a real benefit of using SwipeGuide on lines that have high variation and many stock-keeping units. We've seen substantial OEE improvements after implementing the digital work instructions."


Production Manager

Barilla USA

From paper to digital.

Just like many manufacturers around the world, a majority of Barilla production facilities still rely on paper work instructions with few visuals. This presents a number of issues:

  • Paper is impractical.
    Paper instructions are easy to damage and time consuming to replace. Any updates to existing procedures require re-printing and re-distributing these paper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across the production site. 
  • Complex feedback.
    Employees on the shop floor are often the subject matter experts. When Barilla’s frontline workers want to give feedback on paper instructions, they’ll leave notes to content creators.
  • Difficult to standardize.
    Difficult to communicate global standardization. As individual lines and production sites create and implement their own solutions, Barilla is left with dozens of factories with different ways of working.
  • Silent knowledge.
    As older and more experienced employees retire, they take these knowledge resources with them. This makes effective knowledge capture essential while driving a need for digital training solutions.

Barilla’s frontline knowledge, digitized.

Barilla actively involves its frontline workforce in the creation of its standards.

Rather than simply digitizing work instructions, Barilla builds the foundation for a digital framework where operational knowledge is distributed and improved with a bottom-up approach, with the help of SwipeGuide.

  • Always up-to-date.
    The most up-to-date and approved version of each work instruction - anywhere within a production facility - to smartphones, tablets, and wearables. 
  • Continuous improvement.
    Frontline teams are able to deliver critical feedback, process improvements, and other key insights directly into the SwipeGuide platform. This democratic feedback loop empowers continuous improvement.
  • Product quality.
    Tasks are done more quickly and more accurately when employees have instant access to the correct, user-friendly instructions. This helps Barilla improve efficiency while simultaneously reducing expensive product errors.
  • Better training.
    More efficient onboarding, training, and retraining. Delivered via a medium that helps improve knowledge retention.


Capturing knowledge for the next generation of frontline teams.

Barilla frontline

  • Barilla is using SwipeGuide not only to capture frontline knowledge, but also to deliver these best practices during the onboarding process (and beyond) of new employees.

  • Factors like COVID-19 and the global staffing shortage have highlighted the difficulty of one-to-one training and the importance of scalable digital resources.

  • SwipeGuide's mobile delivery and intuitive, visual design help ensure successful adoption and retention among users of all ages.

An emphasis on collaboration.

This partnership has evolved around the idea that great organizations are improved from the ground up, involving key players at each step of the process.

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barilla improve

Lasting impact.

In order to create lasting improvements, we worked with Barilla’s leadership teams to clearly define the roles and approval responsibilities of content creators, while also clearly defining the optimal guide structure.

barilla content

Content creation.

Customers shouldn't be thrown into the deep end. Rather, the SwipeGuide Customer Success team collaborates with Barilla's content creators on how to make the most effective work instructions possible within our platform.  

barilla training

In-depth training.

If needed, our experts provide content reviews throughout the implementation process to ensure that the content is effective, and provide pointers on how to improve.

barilla data analytics

Powerful analytics.

Barilla skillfully tracks usage and implements frontline feedback throughout the life of a work instruction. They can enact continuous improvement with a full suite of real-time analytics.

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