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Languages and Translations.

Translate your instructions in any left-to-right notated language to match the needs of your team. We have 47 languages available, but more options are added every month. 




Almost too easy.

Sharing best practices with colleagues speaking a different language than you? Lacking time or patience to manually translate Guides?  

SwipeGuide Auto-Translate has your back. 

  • Automatically translate SwipeGuide content within seconds.
  • Copy content from across your organization and translate it into your own language.
  • Backed by the most powerful translation engine in the world: Google Translate.

PS. Even though we're proud of Auto-Translate, manual translation is also available as a solid option to tweak wording and assure quality of the automatic translations. 

Changing the language of the guide

Scalable best practices.

Want to share and use best practices across your organization? 

1. Copy any Guide created by another Team. 
2. Auto-translate it to your language.
3. Immediately start using it in your local site.

When content has been translated into multiple languages, you can switch between all the languages available.

Smoothly translate your content into any language to scale best practices.

Available languages SwipeGuide


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Capture operational data from inspections, audits, and Gemba Walks.

Offline availability.

Fixing machinery 4,000 miles from nearest wifi signal? No problem.