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Safety checklists for frontline teams. Track work execution and capture operational data with digital checks.  Monitor adherence to company standards, capture deviations, and offer corrective action.

  • Safety, quality, cleaning, and 5S.
  • Go-sees, inspections, audits, and Gemba Walks.
  • Machine startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Maintenance support. 



Check? Check.

  • Swipe through the step-by-step digital checklist, supported by photos of the desired outcome.

  • Indicate the state of the production environment with "yes" or "no" checks.

  • Provide additional feedback and proof by commenting or uploading images.

  • Check the summary, sign off with your name and store the results.

  • Analyze checklist data to track trends and deviations. 
  • Read about when to use checklists VS work instructions.

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Support quality control processes.

Before: Checklists were completed on a static whiteboard, and the results would be manually entered into an Excel at the end of the shift. 

After: Complete checks on iPads and avoid manual data input. Train new employees easier and ensure everyone knows what the end result should look like. 


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"Timing is very important, knowing that something went wrong right away can make a huge impact."

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Factory Manager

Northern Ireland

Checklist Alerts.

Checklist Alerts help you solve issues before they become problems. Identify significant deviations and correct issues immediately.

  • Notify specific users of critical findings from Checklist data via email or Microsoft Teams. 
  • Keep track of critical controls and fix escalated issues right when they happen.
  • Make improvements on the process based on data alerts. 

Safety checklist in SwipeGuide.

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Offline availability.

Access your digital work instructions anywhere. No internet required.


Use Sign-offs to signal task completion, collect feedback, or check up on skills.