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gemba walk checklist app
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Improve Digital Standards & Gemba Walks with Checklists.

The Checklists feature allows manufacturers to capture more operational data from inspections, audits, and Gemba Walks on the factory floor or in the field

27 January 2021
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    The checklist app for SOPs and Gemba walks.

    • Custom digital visual checklists
    • Integration within your existing Guides
    • Drag-and-drop creation and intuitive editing
    • Integration with your existing SwipeGuide analytics dashboard
    • Easily deliver instant visual and text feedback on checklist results

    gemba walk checklist app

    Successful manufacturing depends on a company’s ability to continually assess and improve their processes and procedures.

    But how are these standards actually enforced and improved throughout day-to-day operations?

    gemba walk checklist app

    It’s one thing to deliver high quality work instructions and SOPs to your frontline workers. It’s an entirely different challenge to make sure that your workforce adheres to these standards in a way that promotes accountability and growth.

    Industry experts agree that the most practical and productive way to enforce standards and capture critical operational data is for supervisors to be physically present in the production environment.

    This means combining traditional audits and quality control inspections with lean improvement techniques such as Gemba Walks


    These checks deliver the following benefits:

    • Monitor adherence to industry and company standards
    • Capture deviations from norms and offer corrective action
    • Capture improvements to existing processes and procedures
    • Inspire accountability by leading by example

    In the fast-paced world of industry 4.0, these methods need to leverage the power of a comprehensive digital solution to keep pace with the scale of modern manufacturing.

    The world’s top companies already have plans to use our new Checklist feature to digitize quality control and audit checklists to increase the productivity and insights gained from their factory floors.

    checks deliver

    Same design, same intuitive process.

    • The checklist feature operates on a simple premise: content creators and supervisors use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to craft minimalist checklists that tap into the principles of how people really work and learn on the job. It’s just a matter of writing what needs to be included in the checklist and uploading a visual cue of what to look for.
    • Users simply swipe through a highly visual digital checklist and indicate the state of the production environment with a series of yes/no questions, supported by photos of the situation in question. Are safety standards up to par? Is the line properly sanitized? Has maintenance been correctly performed?
    • These checklists are linked to the digital work instructions and SOPs that teams are already using on the shop floor, allowing each audit, inspection, and Gemba Walk to be directly connected to the task at hand and be as relevant as possible. High quality photos and minimalist text eliminate the opportunity for confusion, and provide a concrete reference point to users.
    • Like all of our features, Checklists are available on rugged mobile and wearable devices. Insights are more relevant - and discussions about improvements are more impactful - when inspections and audits can be performed directly in the production environment.


    Capture detailed analytics and empower a feedback loop.

    • Just like our work instructions and SOPs, every result from your checklist will be immediately stored in your comprehensive analytics dashboard.
    • This allows supervisors to investigate trends, monitor deviations, and gather insights to facilitate continuous improvement.  
    • Checklists provide an invaluable opportunity to capture ideas and information about potential process improvements. 
    • Supervisors can leave detailed feedback on each checklist result in the form of comments and photos, effectively digitizing the feedback loop.
    • These insights are essential for manufacturers to scale improvements across a complex global value chain.

    gemba walk checklist app


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