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SwipeGuide vs. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

What's the difference between SwipeGuide and AR & VR?

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Published on 13 December 2022 Updated on 29 June 2023


manufacturing ar vrSwipeGuide is:

The next generation of crowdsourced digital work instructions. We make it very easy for anyone to capture, share, and improve how-to knowledge in the most effective format. We deliver this knowledge on any mobile device and on smart glasses, but don’t choose to present content in a virtual environment. 

We believe training people on-the-job (in reality) removes knowledge transfer issues. We also believe in augmenting this reality with instructions, but choose to do so on a second screen to reduce the production complexity and costs of AR solutions. We believe there are specific cases where AR and VR technology provides a great solution, but SwipeGuide focuses on scalability and simplicity.

We do integrate with smartglasses - changing the way that machine operators and field service engineers interact with the world in front of them. More hands-free and more productive.

SwipeGuide is not:

A VR platform and not 100% AR (although we also augment reality with the knowledge needed to perform a job on smart glasses).

Augmented Reality is:

An overlay of virtual information over the real world. Think of it as an additional heads up display that can let a worker know more about an object (or the related processes) in her field of view. This puts an unprecedented amount of crucial information into the hands of frontline teams.


Virtual Reality is:

A similar concept but takes it even further. Instead of overlaying information onto the real world, VR uses a headset or viewscreen to completely replace a user's perceived reality. Motion control devices often allow users to manipulate virtual environments as if they were really there. Already prevalent in the video game industry, VR could add value to the manufacturing industry by revolutionizing the way we approach training In cases where reality can not provide the required training ground.

It’s worth mentioning that currently, both these solutions are prohibitive in terms of cost and scalability in manufacturing operations. Content creation and editing is expensive and time-consuming, while the devices themselves are expensive and can be unsafe to use in a manufacturing environment.

AR & VR are not:

A tool for easy knowledge capture, improvement, and distribution at scale.


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Published on 13 December 2022