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ZEVx swipeguide

ZEVx builds a scalable training program with SwipeGuide.

Learn how ZEVx is improving training, compliance, and content creation.

Delivering training for installers and customers nationwide.

ZEVx is on a mission to provide the most energy and economically-efficient electrification kits for commercial fleets. This US-based company develops e-mobility battery packs and powertrain solutions for light and medium-duty fleet vehicles. They were looking for a solution to build a training program for their customers and partners, who - in addition to converting vehicles - may have to perform maintenance on the repowered vehicle as well.

  • Partner and customer training is made easy with SwipeGuide.

  • Features for PDF conversion speed up instruction authoring time. 

  • SwipeGuide makes it possible to demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations by providing a detailed overview of the steps and materials used in the electrification process.



"SwipeGuide has made it easy for me to create a training program for different levels of customers, installers, and partners who will do conversions or maintenance on our vehicles. "


Heather Watson

Training and Development, ZEVx

Increasing scalability in customer service.

ZEVx has headquarters in Arizona but serves customers all over the United States. Many of them are in different time zones.

They needed a solution to document all the required steps for those performing vehicle conversions and maintenance with a focus on improving the customer experience.

  • Digital standards on tablets.

    Using SwipeGuide, ZEVx is able to provide user-friendly powertrain installation instructions and guidance for critical maintenance tasks on converted vehicles.

    Because the instructions are accessible on mobile devices in a step-by-step format, they don’t need to sift through word documents or PDFs to get what they need.

  • Always-on training.

    Being able to deliver training materials on demand has reduced the amount of time spent on customer locations after the third install.

    ZEVx customers and partners are also able to see how they can track their vehicles through the ZEVx portal or put in a request for one-on-one support when required. 

  • Centralized training assets.

    Having a single location for all training materials improves the customer experience and enables ZEVx to educate customers and partners quickly. 

Improved compliance.

Besides delivering effective training materials, SwipeGuide has been helpful to demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations like those imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Companies that want to be CARB-certified need to be able to demonstrate what’s in the vehicle - down to every bracket tree and bolt. Detailed installation instructions help ZEVx’s customers audit each step in the installation and conversion process more easily. 

With SwipeGuide, ZEVx is on track to help other companies transition to e-mobility. 


Efficient instruction creation.

SwipeGuide's intuitive UI, drag & drop content creation, and optimized structure have helped ZEVx improve the way they create and manage training materials and standards across their value chain.

This means an improved experience for content creators, and easy-to-use digital work instructions for end-users. 

  • PDF and Word conversion.

    ZEVx operators make use of SwipeGuide’s PDF conversion tool to speed up instruction authoring and creation time.

  • Internal documentation.

    SwipeGuide has also been helpful to document and distribute internal process knowledge. 

This is how Heather at ZEVx set up an on-the-job training program with SwipeGuide.

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