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Maxion customer story

Maxion Wheels Digitizes Work Instructions for Continuous Improvement.

Maxion Wheels is one of the world's top wheel manufacturers. With an international network of strategically located engineering, technology, and production facilities,  they're one of the few wheel manufacturers who can supply locally nearly anywhere in the world.

We've helped them standardize work, improve training, and reduce content creation time.

SwipeGuide helped Maxion Wheels boost digital transformation at their plants during a successful pilot.


  • Standardized work processes to drive continuous improvement.

  • Reduced instruction authoring time and checklist creation time.

  • Improved data collection for compliance and digital twins.

  • Crowdsourced knowledge and trained employees on the job.
Maxion digital

"SwipeGuide is helping us take manual work instructions and bring them into the digital age. This is critical at the plant level and is an important step in our digital transformation journey."

Maxion Wheels

Dr. Saul Reichman

Global Director of Innovation & Head of Corporate Venturing

Enabling a digital transformation.

Maxion is on a path towards digital transformation on a global scale. Yearly, they produce over 25 million wheels and employ over 10,000 employees at 23 manufacturing sites. But bridging the gap between physical processes at manufacturing plants and information technology can be complex. 

Goals with SwipeGuide:

  • Harvest data from checklists.

    Quality control checklists were created and processed on paper by several people, multiple times per day. Digitizing checklists became imperative to improve data collection. 

  • Faster content creation.

    Before SwipeGuide, creating work instructions took more than 4 hours.

  • Digitizing standards.

    The company decided to hire new employees to lead the effort of fully digitizing their SOPs and checklists.

  • Ease-of-use.

    Maxion was looking for a platform to reduce instruction authoring time and improve general ease of use.

  • Better visuals.
    Key requirements included being able to create gifs, micro-videos, and images.

Digital twins for manufacturing.

Thanks to SwipeGuide, Maxion can confidently support their digital twin project and digitize not just instructions but work processes at their plants. 


  • Before our collaboration, Maxion was documenting SOPs and work instructions in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

  • Adoption of SwipeGuide allowed for the creation of a Digital Twin of this operational knowledge.

  • In practice, this means that Maxion is creating digital standards and content more efficiently, with an end product that's easier to use for operators.

  • This digitized knowledge can be further tracked, improved, and distributed through the SwipeGuide platform.

Visual aids and knowledge crowdsourcing.

Maxion's ultimate goal was to drive SOP adoption. This would put them in a stronger position to improve engineering and quality standards over time. 


  • Compliance tracking.
    The pilot showed that compliance tracking is made easier with SwipeGuide’s digital work instruction platform. The company has seen gains in both productivity and training effectiveness.
  • Better visuals = better work.
    With SwipeGuide, Maxion employees can easily create instructions with clear visuals aids and also submit feedback from the shop floor.
  • Crowdsourced expertise.

    Supervisors can crowdsource the most effective and relevant knowledge and share data across multiple sites.

  • Easy reporting.
    Digitized checklists allow them to upload data into Excel spreadsheets automatically and create reports.

Watch this short interview of how the collaboration started.


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