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SwipeGuide "Momentum Leader" in G2 Summer 2024 Reports

We got 12 badges and were featured in 53 G2 reports across four categories: Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures, Knowledge Management, and Skills Management.

3 July 2024
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    Great news from us over here at SwipeGuide!

    The latest G2 reports are out, and we're proud to be featured in a significant number of reports. This summer edition sees SwipeGuide listed in 53 reports across four categories, a jump from 37 in the spring. Additionally, we received 12 badges across three categories, showcasing continued user satisfaction across sectors and global locations. 

    swipeguide g2 badges summer 2024

    Here's a look at our performance:

    • Work Instructions:
      We're excited to be recognized as a Leader in the Work Instructions category,
      and even more thrilled to be named a MOMENTUM LEADER! 🎉 G2 acknowledges SwipeGuide's impressive growth based on user satisfaction, employee growth, and digital presence.

    • SOPs and Knowledge Management:
      We achieved High Performer status in various reports across Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Knowledge Management,
      demonstrating consistent user satisfaction in these areas.

    • Skills Management:
      We're featured in ten reports in the Skills Management category for the first time since launching Smart Skills by SwipeGuide last fall. 

    swipeguide g2 user ratings summer2024Thank you to our users for your continued support! 

    Happy SwipeGuide user? 
    Leave us a review on G2 here ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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