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SwipeGuide AI (1)

 Your Virtual Instruction Coach.

  • When asked, it’ll give you recommendations  on how to improve your content.
  • Recommendations are based on instructional design best practices. 
  • Makes it impossible to create a bad instruction or checklist in SwipeGuide.
    In 46 languages.




Create flawless instructions.

With this first version of SwipeGuide AI, you’ll be able to improve textual content when creating instructions and steps.

  • Click “improve text” when editing an instruction.
  • SwipeGuide AI recommends an improved version of the text, focused on instructional design best practices, grammar, and structure in 46 languages.
  • You can use the recommendation, keep your own version, or create a mixture of both. 





Frequently asked.

  • What AI technologies are you using?

    SwipeGuide is using secure APIs from the latest AI models on the market to improve your instruction curating experience. These models include but are not limited to Azure OpenAI models.

  • How does SwipeGuide AI use my data?

    Rest assured that your data remains encrypted and private, in accordance with our standard data protection practices. At SwipeGuide, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your information.

    The data employed to enhance SwipeGuide AI's capabilities is shared solely with our trusted provider, Azure, exclusively for the purpose of delivering you the best possible SwipeGuide AI features. Under no circumstances do we permit any other providers, partners or third parties to employ your data for training their own models or for any other purposes.

    If you seek more detailed information regarding SwipeGuide AI, please refer to the SwipeGuide AI Supplementary Terms and our Data Processing Agreement (DPA).  

  • What data does the AI content recommendation Service process?

    User provided instruction data while creating Guides or Steps on the SwipeGuide Platform.

    Prompts and generated content.

    Augmented data included with prompts.


  • How do you make sure the data in my platform is secure?

    SwipeGuide has a multitenant database architecture and regardless of whether the data is AI generated or not, no data is ever shared outside of your SwipeGuide platform.

    All data is encrypted at rest and in transit by a secure transit layer.

  • Do you collect any personal data
    with the use of AI models?

    No, we do not collect any personal data for the purpose of providing recommendations from the Azure OpenAI  models. The only personal data that is processed is the data that users input themselves. By signing our Privacy Policy, users acknowledge that they may encounter AI in recommendations. Processing personal  


  • Who is responsible for the AI responses?

    The content that is suggested by our AI driven recommendation engine must always be reviewed by a subject matter expert before saving and publishing. SwipeGuide holds no responsibility or liability for the responses provided by the AI.

  • Where is the data processed?
    Data is processed in Azure servers in Western Europe. Objections can always be raised and SwipeGuide can disable SwipeGuide AI for your platform with immediate effect. 
  • How long is this data retained?
    SwipeGuide does NOT store any data from prompts or content recommendations on Azure OpenAI. All data stored is on SwipeGuide’s multitenant database.
  • Do you have a Service-Level Agreement (SLA)?
    We do not offer a standard SLA. For enterprise organizations, we can offer a custom SLA. Contact sales to learn more.
  • How do you evaluate risks associated
    with third party AI service providers?

    We conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and Data Transfer Impact Assessments (DTIA) on a regular basis. 

    The DPIA is an evaluation of the risks associated with using AI models by third party service providers and sub processors. We also evaluate processing personal data for the individuals involved, and an assessment of whether adjustments or measures need to be taken.

    The DTIA  evaluates any risks associated with data export. 

  • Do you have a Fair Use Policy (FUP)?

    Yes, The Fair Use Policy (FUP) is in place to ensure responsible utilization of our AI content recommendation service.

    At SwipeGuide, we consider your usage of SwipeGuide services as excessive and/or unreasonable if it goes well beyond the expected usage patterns or has the potential to detrimentally impact its performance.

    We reserve the right to immediately and without justification restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to the AI content recommendation service if you persistently engage in excessive or unreasonable usage, even after we have requested you to cease or modify the nature of such usage.

Create and edit very  global  content.

SwipeGuide AI is available in all these languages.

Arabic Latvian
Bengali Malay
Bulgarian Malayalam
Burmese Marathi
Chinese Nepali
Czech Norwegian
Danish Oriya
Dutch Polish
English Portuguese
Finnish Romanian
French Russian
German Serbian
Greek Sinhalese
Gujarati Slovak
Hindi Spanish
Hungarian Swedish
Icelandic Tagalog
Indonesian Tamil
Italian Telugu
Kannada Thai
Khmer Turkish
Korean Urdu
Lao Vietnamese

Curious to see how it works?


More information about the SwipeGuide how-to platform.

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Create and use your instructions in any left-to-right notated language.


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