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Easy access to operational knowledge.

Access to critical operational knowledge is crucial for the hands-on manufacturing industry. To operate machinery safely without downtime, frontline teams need easy and immediate access to the right knowledge within their flow of work.

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Transforming knowledge into
dynamic instructions.

  • Capture frontline knowledge and transform it into instructions that are easy to access, understand, and update.
  • Frontline teams gain direct access to the knowledge they need to execute the task at hand right the first time.
  • Improve frontline expertise and help others by sharing best practices across the organization.

One of the challenges we were facing on the shop floor was the low visibility of instructions and standards. There is a clear need for a tool like SwipeGuide to drive shop floor excellence.
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Maintenance and Packing Manager



Effortless creation and
smooth access to all your
critical operational knowledge.


Easily create & update instructions.

Walk the production line with a portable device and instantly update instructions as you go.

→ 70% reduction in instruction authoring time.

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Get instant access to the information you need.

Access digital work instructions and checklists via QR codes, NFC, or direct links on any device.

→ 20% time-saving when performing a task.

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Effortless on-the-job training.

Immediate access to critical information to autonomously develop skills and knowledge.

→ 50% reduction in training time.

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Solve unexpected problems.

Smooth troubleshooting, maintenance, and service of machines that stopped. 

→ 95% agree that task execution is easier with SwipeGuide.


Reduce "walking waste".

Eliminate the time lost when walking to different places whilst searching for the correct instructions.

→ 98% reduction of walking waste.

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Empowering frontline teams.

Digital work instructions empower and inspire a new, tech-savvy generation to work smarter, faster, and safer.

Manufacturers worldwide are now able to effortlessly visualize and standardize operating procedures to empower frontline productivity by sharing innovations and processes across their value chain.

Working with SwipeGuide is fast and easy. It's also a very fun, step-by-step way to guide our colleagues through their jobs on the shop floor.
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