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Crowdsource knowledge

Crowdsource frontline knowledge.

Everyone in a company is a knowledge worker. From machine operators, to plant managers and from the interns to the cleaners. All the people on the shop floor and in the field hold valuable knowledge on how to improve processes.

Capture silent knowledge

Recognize the knowledge of your experts. Capture silent knowledge.

  • Instead of having one author with a specific idea of how to perform a task, you get the voices and opinions of a diverse group of subject-matter experts who can help shape the processes faster and better, with a more critical eye.
  • A user-friendly platform with unique templates that provide actionable guidance on how to create effective instructions makes the crowdsourcing process effortless.



Traditional procedures.

Top down loopManagement-focused way of working with standards and procedures is hierarchical, top-down, and centralized. 


  • Difficult to effectively capture feedback to improve procedures. 
  • Problems to assess and improve the quality of training materials to comply with standards.
  • No smooth way to organize continuous knowledge transfer amongst front-line teams.



Crowdsourced procedures.

Crowdsource knowledge loop

Crowdsourced ideas, expertise, feedback, and best practices are collected across all layers of the organization evolves over time.

  • Start identifying silent and undocumented knowledge across operations with a diverse group of team members.
  • When your first set of SOPs is ready, make sure to review with senior experts.
  • Share the approved procedures across lines, teams, and sites.
  • Encourage team members to give feedback on your current instructions and standard operating procedures.



SwipeGuide Lagunitas

“Crowdsourced knowledge is ideas, expertise, feedback, and best practices that have been collected from a diverse group of employees with subject-matter knowledge that evolves and improves over time.”

Willemijn Schneyder, CEO & Co-Founder of SwipeGuide

Crowdsourced knowledge
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Start capturing the knowledge from your frontline.