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Built on expertise.

"Smart Skills by SwipeGuide" is 100% built based on our customers' skilling needs.

In this compact case study, we'll dive into what our advisory board members at HEINEKEN, PepsiCo, and Johnson Controls say about developing the new SwipeGuide frontline skills system.

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"Smart Skills by SwipeGuide helps us confirm that people have the skills needed in order to operate a certain machine or process. It helps us see where skills gaps are, develop the people, and know what needs to be added in our development offer."

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Senior Global Lead Supply Chain Capability Development at HEINEKEN

Confirming that people have the skills needed.

HEINEKEN, PepsiCo, and Johnson Controls recognized the critical importance of frontline skills development in their respective industries. 

Goals with Smart Skills by SwipeGuide:

  • Address skill gaps on the shop floor and in the field.
  • Empower and motivate employees to grow.
  • Proactively manage skill development and training.

Smart Skills by SwipeGuide Launching customers


"Operators have control of their own skill development"

Onno, TPM Capability Development Manager

"From an organizational point, Smart Skills by SwipeGuide gives us the flexibility to add skills and we know it's always a certified person who validates skill levels. On a personal level, being able to have the control of your your own skill development is motivational"

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"I think that it’s quite a crucial interesting element that the employee owns his own development, being able to pursue his own aspirations, know the different paths, grow his skills, and do better within the company."


Jose, MPE at PepsiCo

Employee empowerment for self-development.

Smart Skills by SwipeGuide is built to empower employees, enhance productivity, and streamline skill management processes. 


Empowering employee aspirations by enabling them to identify and work towards growth paths within the company, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation.

Proactive skill gap identification for supervisors and managers in a user-friendly way that saves time.

Enhanced performance and productivity through easy access to resources for skill improvement. 


hours saved on skills management every day

Skilled team members are more motivated and productive.

Learn more about how to build out your skills development strategy with Smart Skills by SwipeGuide today.


Read more about Smart Skills by SwipeGuide.

Develop skills.

Upskill to keep operations smooth.

✓ Know what's expected in your role and track your progress.
✓ Improve skills with self-directed learning. Grow your career.
✓ Assess you skills and identify areas for improvement.

Manage skills.

Manage skills fast and easy with a dynamic Skills Matrix made for frontline managers.

✓ Smooth operations during every shift, no matter who is working.
✓ Overview of skills on the team. Track development and expirations.
✓ Identify skill gaps and keep up with production demands.