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For automotive.

Remove the frustration from frontline training with better SOPs. 

✓  Operations. 

✓  Assembly. 

✓  Quality and safety. 


Improving efficiency with frontline-focused standard work.


Streamline training processes.

Give them the confidence to do their job right.

Easily set up and scale training programs for employees of different levels, across locations. 

Efficiently onboard and train new employees with accessible digital training materials and procedures. 

Let installers and operators reference step-by-step instructions and checkpoints. Verify completed steps. 

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Ace your quality and compliance game.

Outdated paper instructions can lead to severe mistakes. 

Keep documentation accurate. Update process changes on a tablet within seconds. 

Make sure everyone follows the same standards and ensure all steps are followed correctly.

Detailed documentation and step-by-step instructions help your compliance regulations and certifications be approved.

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Investing in automotive SOPs improves your bottom line.

Create digital work instructions and SOPs for your frontline with SwipeGuide.
Our validated templates save you time and headaches. 



Improve your automotive SOPs.
Save time and money.