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Your digital how-to library for safe operations.

Clear procedures make the difference.  

✓  Align teams with hassle-free health and safety SOPs.

✓  Achieve your quality performance, safety, and waste reduction goals.

✓  Continuously improve processes with input from team members. 


"SwipeGuide has helped standardize the quality process and ensure uniformity."


Deeksha Shetty

Head Factory Quality Assurance at Coca-Cola


Easily access the right way to perform tasks.

Reduce quality issues like line clearance and inspection failures with clear and accessible standards.

Align all shifts and keep the line running with step-by-step on-the-job training. Ensure every product meets best quality standards.

Ensure every product meets best quality standards with no-nonsense checks that measure what matters. 


less downtime

This is how other teams did it.

ThermoFisher Read more 572x206
Align all shifts to reduce quality issues at ThermoFisher.

Reducing line clearance and inspection failures. Making task execution 20% faster.

Coca-Cola Read more 572x206
Safe and stable processes at Coca-Cola.

Ensuring every product meets best quality standards.

health and safety checklist


Most accidents are preventable.

✓  Easily provide the correct "how-to" information at the moment of need. Accessible through QR codes on any device, both online and offline. 

Provide detailed instructions on how to handle hazardous materials, including referencing MSDS and using appropriate PPE.

Give team members the confidence to perform their jobs without doubts or  incidents.

Make sure consumer safety is guaranteed with every single batch produced. 


error reduction

health and safety sop

Frequently asked questions

about health and safety SOPs.
  • Intuitive?

    User-friendliness is our core belief.

    We've built the SwipeGuide platform so anyone can start creating standards right now and have them live on the production floor today. 

  • Secured data?

    We're compliant with the most stringent international data and security standards, including ISAE 3000 (SOC2), ISAE 3402 SOC1, and GDPR.

  • Reporting?

    There is default reporting baked into SwipeGuide already. The SwipeGuide analytics dashboards highlight things like: 

    - How content is being used.
    - How work is executed.
    - What feedback is given.
    - Trends based on usage.
    - Differences across operations.
    - Anomalies between teams. 

  • Connect to other systems?

    Yes, you can connect SwipeGuide with other systems already in place, like: 

    - Work orders (eg. SAP and Salesforce)
    - Data visualization and analytics tools (eg. Grafana, PowerBI, Tableau, and Snowflake)
    - Embedded into your own service app (see how ABB did it here)

  • Languages?

    SwipeGuide is a global solution that supports any left-to-right notated language. Our Auto-Translate feature makes it a breeze to translate content. 

    Read more about languages and localization here

  • Escalation?

    If a safety check fails, you can escalate the step and add additional information with Checklist Alerts.

    The checklist alert will land in the email or Teams inbox of eg. the line manager. 

Improve your health and safety SOPs.
Save time and money.