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Pricing that encourages sharing best practices.

Restricting usage is not our thing. Instead, we believe in scalability and hassle-free administration. We don't charge per user - the more you use SwipeGuide, the less you pay. 

Enterprise. ASK QUOTE
Cost-effective scaling.
  • Share knowledge across your entire organization.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited content.
  • 4 languages included.

Pro. $649/month
Fastest time-to-value.
  • Share knowledge within 1 location. 
  • Unlimited users + 10 content editors. 
  • Unlimited content.
  • 2 languages included.

Enterprise. - ASK QUOTE


Pro. - $649/month


See our subscriptions in full.


AI-Powered Instruction Builder

Our smart drag-and-drop instruction software helps you create, edit, and publish instructions and checklists in seconds. Available for tablets and desktops.

Categorize Content

Organize and find your instructions quicker with tags and badges.

Sharing: QR, embed, links

Easily access instructions with automatically generated QR codes, embed codes, or direct links.

Team & User Management

Decide who can create and approve content.

Secure Access

Secure your content with a password.

Revision History

Use the activity log to see who made which changes.


Keep a current, live version of your content while making edits and changes in a guide draft.

Approval Workflows

Make sure your content is approved by the right people before it is published.

Localization & Translations

Translate and use your instructions in any left-to-right notated language.


Get email notifications whenever there's feedback or approvals for a guide you've created.

Instruction Feedback

Allows users to rate and give feedback on instructions after completing them.

UI Customizations

Use smart templates and customize your platform to match your company branding.

Reminder Cycles

Is your content up-to-date? Set up reminders to ensure periodical reviews.


Detailed dashboards on how instructions and checklists are used and what impact they have.

Workspace Management

Create independent workspaces for specific teams, lines, and sites.

Guide Re-usability

Best practices can be shared within your company by copying guides to other workspaces.

Checklists & Result Export

Use digital checklists to capture operational data and ensure that tasks are completed properly every time.
Add for +$160/month

Smart Skills

Empower frontline teams to develop skills. Simplify shop floor training through dynamic skills management.
Add for +$825/month
Add for +$825/month


Automatically translate SwipeGuide content within seconds.
Add for +$100/month
Add for +$100/month

Checklist Alerts

Identify urgent findings and correct them.
Add for +$75/month
Add for +$75/month

Sign-off Micro Forms

Capture and export task completion data.
Add for +$75/month
Add for +$75/month

Data API

Helps you streamline data analysis and visualization by connecting SwipeGuide with other data systems that you use.
Add for +$160/month

SSO Company Login.

Login with your company account. Standard available integrations: SAML, Azure OAuth2, and Google oAuth2. Ask us for custom rates.
Add for +$2,000/platform/year
Add for +$2,000/platform/year

Offline Frontline App

Your company-specific SwipeGuide App available without internet connection.
Price on request
Price on request

+ Services. 



Content creation

from $1520 for 16 hours

Content migration

from $560 (2-5 days)

Onboarding (online)

from $190 for 2 hours

Onboarding (on-site)

from $1520 for 16 hours

Go-Live (on-site+online)

from $2000 for 20 hours

Instructional design session

from $190 for 2 hours

Shop floor transformation workshop

from $760 for a 4-hour workshop

Smart glasses app

Price on request

Content migration

Price on request

Custom integration

Price on request

24/7 technical support**

Price on request

Custom data report

Price on request

* This pricing only applies to our standard available integrations: SAML, Azure OAuth2, and Google oAuth2. Ask us for custom rates.

** Prio 1 issues. Only as a part of an XLA. Only for Enterprise customers.