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Brilliant brewing.

  • Heineken is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the world.

  • With hundreds of breweries around the world, the global supply chain of Heineken is complex and culturally diverse.

  • SwipeGuide has been successfully integrated into the Heineken global supply chain and helps breweries minimize waste and maximize efficiency around the world.


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Enjoy everyday life.

  • Orkla Foods Norway is one of the largest distributors of food and beverage products in Europe.
  • They've used the SwipeGuide platform to standardize operating procedures on the shop floor and improve on-the-job training.
  • Orkla Foods Norway has cut instruction authoring time by 50%, decreased downtime, and improved First Time Right. 


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Machinery for the future.


  • ABB provides innovative robotics and manufacturing solutions around the world. 


  • Since implementing SwipeGuide, ABB’s field service engineers can easily create, distribute, and maintain work instructions from the field.


  • Digital work instructions have allowed ABB technicians in the field access to the correct instruction for the job in real-time. 

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Lean on-the-job training.

  • PepsiCo is one of the leading global manufacturers of soft drinks and snack foods. Their products are a staple in pantries around the world.


  • They use the SwipeGuide platform to reduce errors, increase the visibility of content on the shop floor, and integrate digital work instructions with their current LMS.


  • Our collaboration with PepsiCo helps empower operational excellence through standard work and on-the-job learning, supported by work instructions that are always up-to-date.

Spirits distilled with class.

  • Pernod Ricard has been manufacturing spirits for almost 50 years, and remains one of the world’s top distributors of alcoholic beverages.


  • SwipeGuide facilitates work instructions on the bottling line of Chivas Brothers’ high-end whiskey production to ensure operational excellence and impeccable product quality.

Fighting for a clean planet.

  • The Ocean Cleanup was founded to eliminate human-generated waste from our oceans.


  • The Ocean Cleanup needs to teach a large number of employees and volunteers how to operate complex devices and machinery.


  • With sustainability and instant usability as a necessity, digital work instructions were a natural choice.

Groceries made easy.

  • Colruyt is a network of supermarket retailers in NorthWest Europe.


  • They use SwipeGuide digital work instructions to simplify work for employees in the supermarkets and warehouses.


  • Efficiency and clarity are essential to cost-effective operations and quality customer service.


  • Digital work instructions allow for the efficient creation and distribution of step-by-step work instructions for employees of Colruyt.

When failure is not an option.

  • Operating out of the US for more than 90 years, Reyco Granning designs and manufactures high-quality suspension components for large industrial vehicles.


  • With quality-control as a top priority, the benefits of effective digital work instructions are clear.


  • Fewer errors, less downtime, and happier employees allow Reyco Granning to remain a leader in the manufacturing industry.

Great coffee. No excuses.

  • Animo prides themselves on the user-friendliness, durability, and quality of their coffee machines.


  • Delivering intuitive, step-by-step digital instructions via SwipeGuide (together with Eluxis) helps Animo maintain this stellar reputation.


  • SwipeGuide eliminates the frustration of a traditional paper user manual, allowing professional customers to properly set-up, use and maintain their coffee machines.


  • This leads to a longer-lasting product and happier customers (read: better coffee).

Communication where it counts.

  • Deutsche Telekom is the largest telecom company in Germany and the 5th largest in the world.


  • SwipeGuide and Deutsche Telekom have collaborated and determined that digital instruction manuals are ideal for their consumer base.


  • Digital work instructions remove the confusion and frustration caused by ineffective paper product manuals.


  • Better experiences lead to satisfied consumers and greater brand loyalty for Deutsche Telekom.

Homes for the future.

  • Somfy is the world leader in B2C integrated home technology.


  • SwipeGuide has helped them develop and support intuitive consumer instructions.


  • Paper work instructions often fail to provide a satisfactory user-experience for consumers working with complex and powerful products.


  • Digital work instructions allow for an intuitive, step-by-step solution to the home installation and use of Somfy's products.

An owners manual that finally makes sense.

  • KIA is a globally recognized automotive manufacturer.


  • It’s no secret that user-manuals for cars are frequently lengthy and cumbersome, and often fail to provide an intuitive experience for the end-user.


  • KIA’s partnership with SwipeGuide aims to change that and introduce intuitive and effortless instructions to the new car experience.