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Customer stories.

This is how leading organizations use SwipeGuide to improve their
processes across frontline operations.

Lagunitas 800x721 (1)

"SwipeGuide makes operators feel empowered."



Brewery Manager at Lagunitas in Chicago


Global standardization of processes.

Capture and share best practices across 106
breweries worldwide.

Improved quality and productivity: improved OPI.

Workflow learning on the shop floor: connect wi the tech stack.

Reduce machine changeover time and downtime.



errors prevented.

Thermo Fisher 1B

"SwipeGuide has excessively helped with reducing downtime and we have seen our quality performance improve due to some of the guides we have created"


Jyoti Sapkota

Process Improvement Engineer at Thermo Fisher in Cincinnati

Thermo Fisher Scientific Patheon.

Improve OPI and OEE with accessible quality checks.

 Reduced changeover and downtime at the packaging lines with quality checks at capper machines and bottling machines.

 Reduction in quality issues and waste with clear standards.

 Shorter training time of new recruits with easy onboarding instructions.

 Operational savings and production value with faster task execution.


faster task execution

ABB 800x721 (1)

"Bringing simplicity into content creation. Fast to learn tool that requires no previous skills on content creation. Good feedback & analytics in-built for collecting user insights."


Mari, Digital Lead at ABB Motion in Switzerland and Finland


Smooth field service engineering & happy clients.

Capture & distribute internal field service knowledge.

Easy creation and access to customer installation guides for ABB service partners, partner networks, and customers.

Reduce troubleshooting time & machine downtime.

Also available in mainland China.


instructions in use.


Easier onboarding and better troubleshooting.

We've reduced instruction authoring time by 70%. Learn about how SwipeGuide helped a major packaging company optimize the way they create and use content.

Read the customer story
Barilla 800x721

"Helps us standardize 50 ways of doing the same thing. "


Fabio, VP of Supply Chain at Barilla in Deerfield, Illinois


Reduce onboarding & training costs.

Standardization of processes.

Drive digital transformation in the factories.

Reduce changeover time.


teams using SwipeGuide.

Copy of Maxion 1

"SwipeGuide is helping us take manual work instructions and bring them into the digital age. This is critical at the plant level and is an important step in our digital transformation journey."

Copy of Jaosn 400x400 round

Saul Reichman

Global Director of Innovation & Head of Corporate Venturing

Maxion Wheels.

Empowering digital transformation with better work instructions.

Standardized work processes to drive continuous improvement.

Reduced instruction authoring time and checklist creation time.

Improved data collection for compliance and digital twins.

Crowdsourced knowledge and trained employees on the job.

golden state foods

"Now our operations are much more consistent. Between operators and even between shifts, we have one right way to do things."


Jason, Senior Director of Operations at Golden State Foods in Opelika, Alabama

Golden State Foods.

Dynamic work instructions for optimal performance.

Accessible work instructions for use in real-time on the shop floor. 

More motivated and engaged employees.

User-friendly Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Better knowledge transfer from expert employees.


work instructions created.

PepsiCo 800x721

"Success in manufacturing starts with the workers on the shop floor. They rely on having the right knowledge, day in and day out."

Jose Matias 400x400

Jose, MPE Europe at PepsiCo


Digital standard work as a driver of lean manufacturing.

Reduce errors, product defects, and waste.

Plan and organize shifts. Capture a sign-off on a completed procedure.

Improve visibility on the floor. Always up-to-date paperless instructions for learning on the fly.

Alignment with LMS with link to specific e-learning modules in Step Notes.


sites using SwipeGuide.

Orkla 800x721

"New recruits go step by step to do the task at hand and they're all eager to use it again. We see that they are happy, they like the instructions, and they really see the need to use SwipeGuide."


Factory Digital Project Manager at Orkla in Norway


Improved on-the-job training & machine uptime.

Reduce instruction authoring time.

Decrease machine downtime.

Prevent costly human errors.

Improve training and knowledge management.


reduction of authoring time.

Reyco 800x721

"It takes more than a few engineers and managers to make a significant impact. It takes an entire workforce for real continuous improvement to be implemented and sustained."


Caleb, Manufacturing Engineer at Reyco Granning in Mt Vernon

Reyco Granning.

Promote a culture of learning on the shop floor.

Reduce the time to create work instructions for shop floor teams.

Eliminate the need to track and manage complex and cumbersome revision history.

Encourages employee participation and updates to existing workflows and standards.

Easy to approve and revise standards and work instructions with approval workflows.


steps in their Practical Problem Solving Initiative (PPS).

Thermon 800x722 (3)

"If we brought in someone off the street, within half a shift, they could be up to speed and fully effective. We've reduced the standard procedure of kitting by half: from 4.5 minutes to 2.15 minutes!"

Mike Thermon 500x500

Mike Rampy

Continuous Improvement Manager at Thermon


Improve time-to-value of new and temporary recruits. 

Capture knowledge from key employees to create standard operating procedures. 

→ Easy to create and access training materials and standards. 

→ Improve the learning curve of new recruits so they are up to speed faster, without having a supervisor onboard them in person. 


reduction in time-to-effectiveness.

coca cola india

"SwipeGuide has helped us standardize and bring uniformity to our processes, which are not person-dependent anymore."

Untitled design (25)

Deeksha Shetty

Head Factory Quality Assurance, HCCB Aranya

Coca-Cola India.

Optimized safety and task execution at Hindustan Coca-Cola Bottling (HCCB).

→ Access: essential process information is available via QR code on mobile devices.

Safety: Employees can now follow SOPs with ease to uphold safety requirements.

→ Quality: Maintenance and Quality Control have both been improved. 

Coca-Cola 800x721

"Real advantage for employee engagement by involving operators in the creation process."


Rick, Operations Excellence Director at Great Lakes Coca-Cola in Milwaukee


Decrease human errors to improve product quality.

 Capture critical procedural shop-floor knowledge.

 Improve instruction accessibility for workforce.

 Ensure instruction content is always up-to-date.

 Improve instruction content to be easier understood.



SwipeGuide is used at bottlers across 13 countries.

ZevX customer story

"SwipeGuide really does value their customers. They take feedback, react to it, and make the change."

Heather watson zevx

Heather Watson

Training and Development, ZEVx


Improve compliance, training, and content creation at scale.

→ Streamlined compliance with process and materials transparency.

→ More effective partner and customer training.

PDF conversion tools and an intuitive content creation UX.


Fuji Seal 800x721

"Drastically reduced our training and support costs."


Michiel, Team Leader Field Service at Fuji Seal

Fuji Seal.

Reduced training and support costs.

Troubleshooting and installation guides for field service engineers.

Reduction of training time and cost for new employees.

Reduction in internal and external support questions.

Capture tribal knowledge and standardize processes.


users groups: engineering, manufacturing, and customers.

Animo 800x721

"We used to deliver our coffee machines with paper manuals, but we wanted to get rid of that. We now deliver our machines with digital manuals - they're easier to read and understand, and also better in terms of sustainability."


General Manager at Animo in Assen, The Netherlands


Assembly, operation, and troubleshooting guides for coffee machines.

Better product manuals for professional customers.

Technical instructions for dealer technicians.

More efficient processes at the assembly lines.


year that Animo started using SwipeGuide.

Chivas 800x721

"Simplification, user-friendliness & paperless are easy to achieve with SwipeGuide. The platform also has the potential to impact productivity, safety, and waste reduction in our bottling operations."


Sandra, Spirit Management Global Platform Lead at Chivas Brothers in Scotland

Pernod Ricard.

Simplification, user friendliness & paperless.

 Simplify the creation and the use of work instructions covering procedures and safe standards of work.

 Going digital/paperless is an important part of the implementation.

 Improve productivity, reduce waste, increase safety and support continuous improvement.



work instructions made.

Colruyt 800x721

"Helps me guide colleagues through their daily work."


Project Leader Digital Learning at Colruyt Group in Brussels, Belgium


Accessible knowledge for technicians and retail teams.

 Guide technicians supermarket colleagues through their daily work.

 Guides on handling cardboard presses, order pickers, and warehouse robots.

 Knowledge management made easy across the organization.


instructions in use.

Asito 800x721

"We also use SwipeGuide for efficient onboarding and training of diverse new team members."


Team Manager at Asito in Zwolle, The Netherlands


On-the-job training for distributed cleaning operations.

Diverse and international staff - instructions should be multilingual and easy to understand, with a visual presentation instead of text-heavy.

Efficient onboarding and training of new team members.

Reduce accidents and errors.


nationalities using instructions.


"We're always looking to continuously improve our processes."


Special Projects Manager at URC in the Philippines

Universal Robina Corporation.

Boost productivity, quality, and safety with user-friendly work instructions. 

→ Easier creation and review of work instructions in a user-focused and visual format.

→ Improve training of new people with consistent onboarding materials that are easy to keep up-to-date. 

→ Continuously improve processes. 


teams are currently actively using SwipeGuide.