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Johnson Controls

Customer Story:
Johnson Controls.

This is how the team at Johnson Controls uses SwipeGuide  to capture and implement best practices for consistent and effective operator training. 

product quality manufacturing

"The whole idea of a digital platform can be scary to some, but even older team members are adapting well to SwipeGuide thanks to its simplicity."



Training Manager

Safe operations and quality products.

In the past, the team at Johnson Controls focused on work instructions primarily for compliance purposes. These were usually complex with a lot of words, outdated, and only accessible to team leads. 

Goals with SwipeGuide: 

  • User-friendliness.
    It's important that the platform is easy to understand, adopt, and deploy. The adaptability enhances usability and simplifies the learning process.
  • Capture expert knowledge.
    Many operators close to retirement: capture and retain the most important insights they’ve gathered over the years and pass it on to the next generation.
  • Consistent training.

    Train and engage operators consistently. Everyone is trained quickly to be able to build the products effectively and safely.

  • Product quality.
    Produce high-quality products, no matter who makes them. 
  • Effortless versioning.
    Documentation and revision control ensures accuracy in work instructions.
  • Effective feedback.
    Harvesting feedback from the shop floor boosts engagement but also expands and enhances work instructions over time. 
swipeguide johnson controls

"SwipeGuide's approach goes beyond technology to consider how people learn. The platform provides tremendous insights into how adults learn."



Plant Manager

Culture of learning and continuous improvement.

New operators learn both good and bad habits from experienced operators. Focusing on consistency, standardization, and quality control in training processes guides new operators through effective learning steps to ensure optimal performance. 


  • Capture best practices.

    Easily and consistently capture the best way to take the new operator through the learning process to ensure they build the product in an effective and safe manner.

  • Time-to-competency.

    By reducing the lead time associated with onboarding new employees, Johnson Controls saves sources and ensures greater productivity for autonomous operators.

  • Continuously improve best practices.

    With feedback from team members, Johnson Controls can expand on work instructions and improve them over time.

  • Safety and compliance.

    Confident and skilled people produce higher quality products. Consistent product quality ensures happy customers - and staying ahead of the curve in a competitive market. 

Ramin Johnson Controls

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