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Coca Cola India

Optimized safety and task execution at Coca-Cola India.

Coca-Cola HCCB uses SwipeGuide to improve the way they access essential operational, maintenance, and safety knowledge on the factory floor. 

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) is one of India’s largest fast-moving consumer goods companies. HCCB employs over 6,000 people across the country and carries out over 4,000 shipments per day. The company produces 225 stock keeping units and serves more than 2.4 million retail customers. 

  • HCCB was looking to make SOPs and work instructions easily accessible on the shop floor and found the ideal solution in SwipeGuide.

  • Access: Essential process information is available via QR code on mobile devices.

  • Safety: Employees can now follow SOPs with ease to uphold safety requirements.

  • Quality: Maintenance and Quality Control have both been improved. 


Coca Cola India Standardization

"Whenever employees have questions about the SOP or work instructions, the QR codes help them assess the guidelines immediately in their workplace."

coca cola india logo

Anikita Bhairaviya

Safety Manager at HCCB Aranya

1. Standardizing quality control.

The Aranya plant operates 24/7, 365 days per year. Employees change shifts multiple times during the day but the quality of Coca-Cola’s household brands must stay the same regardless of the operator in charge.

This complex and demanding process is why HCCB also uses SwipeGuide to manage and uphold quality standards. 

  • More uniformity.

    At HCCB, every person is authorized to make decisions, either in terms of safety or quality. This fosters employee empowerment and drives efficient processes but highlights the need for standardization.

    With SwipeGuide, HCCB can easily update SOPs using employee know-how and ensure they are followed on the factory floor. 

    Because the instructions are accessible on mobile devices in a step-by-step format, they don’t need to sift through word documents or PDFs to get what they need.


2. Easy access to Standard Operating Procedures.

HCCB’s Aranya plant, located near Bengaluru, is using SwipeGuide to make their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) easily accessible on the bottling line. The company has made it a priority to prevent accidents. 

Using QR codes distributed across the plant, employees can easily read the relevant SOPs and work instructions to get the guidelines they need for every operation. This gives safety managers peace of mind. 



coca cola maintenance

"After implementing SwipeGuide, maintenance employees get to know everything with just one scan on their mobile."

coca cola india logo

Jasdish Kumar

Maintenance Team Leader at HCCB Aranya

3. Simplifying maintenance on the factory floor.

Maintenance is now also made easy. Thanks to SwipeGuide, maintenance employees have all the information they need to perform their routine checks and avoid downtime.  

  • Safety first.

    Detailed step-by-step knowledge about factory interlocks, use of personal protective equipment, machine guards, and more is now provided to every maintenance employee on a handheld device. 

  • Preventive maintenance.

    SwipeGuide has made maintenance more efficient and safe. Because employees have all the information they need to work effectively, they can perform preventive maintenance and avoid downtime.

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