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SwipeGuide Partners with XMReality to Deliver Digital Work Instructions with Remote Support


Give your team access to AR-powered remote support when they need it by integrating your SwipeGuide work instructions to XMReality.

28 April 2020

Running into issues that can't be solved with your digital work instructions?

The collaboration between SwipeGuide and XMReality enables field service engineers and operators who use digital work instructions on their smartphone or tablet to connect to an expert for remote assistance and screen-sharing including drawing, pointing and augmentation of hand gestures to facilitate problem solving. 

These users can easily share their current view through their device and highlight the issues they're running into while performing a task on the shop floor or in the field. Remote support for troubleshooting an issue can be dispatched straight from the work instructions being used. This ensures that the task is solved as quickly as possible.


When the field service engineer is in a remote support session, the integration between SwipeGuide and XMReality makes it easy to share the instructions needed in order to provide additional self-help in solving an issue. This reduces the need for a lengthy support session.

Augmentation of hand gestures and drawings can be used to highlight specific actions and details in order to solve the problem in a collaborative effort. If one remote expert isn't enough to solve a complex issue, other experts and suppliers can be pulled into the call.


SwipeGuide co-founder Daan Assen says that the integration will be especially beneficial to the field service engineers and operators who are under pressure to solve problems as quickly and smoothly as possible. Assen says that"direct access to remote support from an expert colleague including augmentation will help field service engineers solve issues faster and more conveniently than ever before." XMReality's CEO Jörgen Remmelg further adds that the companies work with similar customers and that the two products complement each other in order to add value for their users. 


Tablet Select the Expert for Remote Support


The integration is an additional feature that can be requested for a SwipeGuide Enterprise subscription. For more information on how remote support in SwipeGuide works, visit this page.  Are you interested to hear more about the collaboration in a call? Contact us at hello@swipeguide.com or through the chat in the lower right corner. 

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Annika makes it her business to share how collaborative digital work instructions help top manufacturing companies like Coca Cola, ABB, and Heineken reduce errors and downtime - all while reinvesting the expert knowledge of their frontline teams.

28 April 2020