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Product Update: SwipeGuide AI - The End of Bad Instructions πŸͺ„

Introducing SwipeGuide AI - your virtual instruction coach, giving you recommendations and best practices on how to improve your content.

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Published on 16 August 2023

It’s official: it’s now impossible to create a bad instruction in SwipeGuide. 

Introducing SwipeGuide AI, your virtual instruction coach possessing the knowledge of a seasoned instructional designer. It’ll know how to formulate your step-by-step instructions in the best way possible, backed by research. 

With this first version of SwipeGuide AI, you’ll be able to improve textual content when creating instructions and steps and makes it very hard to create a bad instruction ever again. 



How to improve text with SwipeGuide AI

  • Improve text in instructions and steps with AI-powered natural language processing technology. 
  • When editing text in an instruction, click the β€œimprove text” option. SwipeGuide AI will recommend you an improved version of the text, focused on the best possible instructional design best practices, grammar, and structure. 
  • You can use the recommendation, keep your own version, or create a mixture of both. 


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SwipeGuide AI’s Text Improvement functionality will be automatically available for all SwipeGuide customers for free on August 17th, 2023.


➑️ Read more about SwipeGuide AI, including our FAQ, and privacy updates.

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The forever curious CMO of SwipeGuide. Big fan of continuous improvement and people with a growth mindset.

Published on 16 August 2023