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Animo coffee

Customer Story: Animo

This is how Animo uses SwipeGuide to create user-friendly assembly, operation, and troubleshooting guides for their state-of-the-art coffee machines.

  • Digitize paper and PDF user guides for Animo's professional customers.

  • Deliver digital troubleshooting guides for Animo technicians.

  • Capture, improve, and share operational knowledge at the Animo assembly plant.

  • Knowledge performance on the factory floor while boosting product quality.


Animo Tablet

"We now deliver our machines with digital manuals - they're easier to read and understand, and also better in terms of sustainability."

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General Manager at Animo

How-to in the moment of need.

We started working with Animo back in 2016 when Animo was looking to digitize the user guides of their machines.

The goal was to revolutionize the way their customers interacted with their machines.

  • Support for professional customers.

    Animo has a large number of commercial customers who need a certain level of support for the effective operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of their industrial-grade machines.

  • From paper to digital.

    Before our collaboration, Animo delivered paper and PDF user guides to their professional customers. We've helped them digitize, streamline, and improve these instructions for their end-user professional customers.

  • Effortless visual instructions.

    Now Animo's professional customers access step-by-step visual setup, use, and maintenance knowledge on mobile devices.

Thousands of professionals across Europe rely on Animo Coffee Machines.

Animo's customers rely on high-quality coffee for offices, canteens, events, and trade shows. This means efficiency and predictability are tantamount for these end-users.

Animo Customer Story_Animo Coffee machine


Knowledge performance for technicians and professional customers alike.

  • Visual user guides facilitates task proficiency and on-the-job learning.
  • Veterans troubleshoot quickly and new recruits onboard faster and learn-by-doing.
  • Field-service engineers and technicians perform maintenance with the most relevant standards.
  • Customers can deliver instant detailed feedback on content.
  • Detailed analytics give insights into how and when these instructions are being used.
  • Less downtime and fewer errors mean better coffee at a faster pace.
Animo dealer technician

Technical instructions for dealer technicians.

Animo’s network of Dealer Technicians, trained to perform maintenance and regular service on Animo coffee machines, have access to special technical SwipeGuide work instructions.

  • Accessible technical support.

    These guides can be used for additional technical support while performing repairs and maintenance, or for carrying out modifications on Animo machines.

  • Always mobile.

    SwipeGuide content is instantly accessible in the field via a QR code and URL on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

  • Always up-to-date.
    Content is updated instantly throughout Animo’s global network. Both engineers and their supervisors can trust that they’re receiving the most recent and up-to-date content.
  • Detailed feedback.

    Animo's Technicians can also leave detailed feedback on work instructions - relevant process improvements, bug-fixes, best practices, etc - directly from their laptops or mobile devices.


"SwipeGuide has an intuitive design that allows anyone to manage instructions for our customers and our assembly personnel."

Marcel Smalbil, Marketing at Animo Coffee Machines

animo assembly instructions

More efficient processes at the Animo assembly line.

SwipeGuide SOPs and work instructions deliver operational and procedural knowledge for the assembly processes at the Animo factory.

  • Visual SOPs on the shop floor.

    Workers access clear step-by-step visual instructions to guide them through their daily tasks. Everyone knows exactly what to do, and when.

  • More uptime and better products.

    Downtime and human errors are reduced because the correct operational knowledge is always at hand for reference.

  • Better training and onboarding.

    Onboarding processes for new employees are streamlined. New recruits can learn-while-doing on the factory floor, limiting the need for classroom training.

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