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Customer Story: Animo Coffee Machines

This is how Animo uses SwipeGuide to create user-friendly assembly, operation, and troubleshooting guides for their state-of-the-art coffee machines.

State-of-the-art coffee machines.

Many people need coffee in the same way that they need knowledge and information. It feeds our working life and helps us meet our goals.

Animo is a Dutch coffee machine company that prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art coffee machines for both consumers and professional clientele alike.Their digital coffee machines are high-tech, robust, and require the right knowledge to operate at peak efficiency.

We started working with Animo back in 2016 when Animo was looking to digitize the user guides of their machines. The goal was to revolutionize the way their customers interacted with their machines - meshing a quality coffee with an unparalleled user experience by setting up and operating their coffee machines effortlessly. 

Thousands of professionals across Europe rely on Animo Coffee Machines to provide high-quality coffee for offices, canteens, events, and trade shows. This means efficiency and predictability are tantamount for these professional end-user customers, as their bottom line and reputation are tied to their ability to provide prompt service and high-quality products.




Better product manuals for professional customers.

  • Visual user guides deliver operational knowledge in a format that facilitates task proficiency and on-the-job learning.
  • Veteran users accomplish tasks and troubleshoot quickly, while new recruits onboard quickly and learn-by-doing. This reduces time to serve and human errors.
  • Operational knowledge is instant and at hand thanks to mobile and tablet instructions.
  • Field-service engineers and technicians can perform maintenance with the most relevant standards on mobile devices.
  • Customers can deliver instant detailed feedback on the content, straight from their mobile devices.
  • Not only does this drive crowdsourced continuous improvement of these work instructions, but SwipeGuide’s analytics platform gives Animo insights into how and when these instructions are being used.
  • Less downtime and fewer errors mean better coffee at a faster pace - this translates to a huge boost for Animo’s global reputation, with customers and coffee drinkers alike.

Imagine that you’re serving coffee at a busy convention. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of thirsty and caffeine-deprived customers queue up and expect a delicious product delivered quickly. Now imagine that something isn’t working properly, or you need to fix something you’ve never worked on before.

Animo coffee machines are complex and powerful machines. Their professional customers - those who buy an industrial grade coffee machine to use for commercial purposes - need a certain level of support for the effective operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of these machines.

Before our collaboration, Animo delivered paper and PDF user guides to their professional customers. Animo recognized this as an immediate opportunity to increase value for their customers by digitizing - and therefore streamlining and improving - these existing physical instructions for distribution to their end-user professional customers.

Animo’s customers depend on these machines for their bottom line - every second of downtime is expensive in terms of both money and reputation. The SwipeGuide platform delivers step-by-step visual setup, use, and maintenance knowledge to the frontline of Animo customers.




"We used to deliver our coffee machines with paper manuals, but we wanted to get rid of that. We now deliver our machines with digital manuals - they're easier to read and understand, and also better in terms of sustainability."


General Manager at Animo


Standard maintenance.

If a coffee machine needs standard maintenance, it’s nice to be able to solve some things independently, without calling a field service engineer. Animo’s customers can scan a QR code on the machine with any device in order to access easy digital instructions on how to for example change filters or descale the coffee machine. The ability to access work instructions with a QR code or URL means that this knowledge is available on a mobile device wherever it’s needed.



If there’s a complex troubleshooting issue with a machine that can’t be solved by the customer on their own, an Animo qualified field-service engineer comes into the picture. In order to perform their job efficiently, they depend on having the most up-to-date and relevant standards accessible on mobile devices, and sometimes require offline availability to get the job done. Animo employs these professional engineers to assist customers at crucial and high-volume events, where they help resolve issues with SwipeGuide digital work instructions.


Ordering replacement parts.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to help customers (both professional and private) to order the correct replacement parts when they need them? Imagine that you’re working through a repair on your coffee machine, and you learn that you’ll need to order a replacement part. Animo and SwipeGuide are currently developing an integration that allows a link to the correct part to be included directly within the work instruction itself. No more searching - just the information Animo customers need, when they need it.


Technical instructions for dealer technicians.

Animo’s network of Dealer Technicians, trained to perform maintenance and regular service on Animo coffee machines, have access to special technical SwipeGuide work instructions. These guides can be used for additional technical support while performing repairs and maintenance, or for carrying out modifications on Animo machines. This content is instantly accessible in the field via a QR code and URL on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

This means greater flexibility and reliability across Animo’s customer base - as soon as content is created, Animo’s Technical Support department can change or modify the content and retain the same QR code and URL, and deliver it to the relevant Technician via email.  Since content is updated instantly throughout Animo’s global network, both engineers and their supervisors can trust that they’re receiving the most recent and up-to-date content.

Technicians are guided through each step of these technical instructions by SwipeGuide’s intuitive user interface. A blend of clear images and simple text is proven to increase comprehension and limit errors in the field. Not only does the platform increase access and comprehension, our collaboration also allows Animo to continuously crowdsource improvements from their experts in the field. Technicians can leave detailed feedback on work instructions - relevant process improvements, bug-fixes, best practices, etc - directly from their laptops or mobile devices.




More efficient processes at the Animo assembly line.

  • SwipeGuide SOPs and work instructions deliver operational and procedural knowledge for the assembly processes at the Animo factory.
  • Workers access clear step-by-step visual instructions to guide them through their daily tasks - everyone knows exactly what to do, and when.
  • Downtime and human errors are reduced because the correct operational knowledge is at hand, all the time.
  • Onboarding processes for new employees are streamlined. New recruits can learn-while-doing on the factory floor, limiting the need for classroom training.

Use case: from paper to digital.

Before our partnership, Animo distributed operational knowledge in the same way as many manufacturers. Employees working on the assembly line would need to consult a complex and hard-to-update paper or PDF standard to accomplish their daily tasks. It’s been proven that these old-fashioned standards increase downtime and walking waste.

A main focus of our collaboration with Animo has been to digitize these paper and PDF assembly instructions and move them into the SwipeGuide platform. This means that work instructions are no longer delivered on paper or PDF, but delivered with the same visual clarity and ease of use that guides their technicians and customers out in the field.

Rather than search through a database or binder, Animo’s frontline workers on the assembly line simply look at a large tablet and are guided through each step of the assembly process by a textual and visual instruction. Just like instructions for their technicians, assembly workers can count on each step being the most up-to-date and relevant instruction for the task at hand.

“We used to have paper work instructions here in the assembly department - they were not easy to use and maintain. With SwipeGuide, we make fewer mistakes and it’s easy to adapt our instructions.”


Reinder Schortinghuis, General Manager at Animo


Effortless adjustments and ease of use.

Across all of Animo’s operations and use cases, SwipeGuide’s ease-of-use makes an immediate impact. In an environment where efficiency translates to savings and happy customers, creating and implementing seamless process updates is of the utmost importance.

Animo’s frontline workers and supervisors don’t have to struggle with complex back-end solutions. They can simply make edits from the intuitive SwipeGuide UI and update their content instantly.

"SwipeGuide has an intuitive design that allows anyone to manage instructions for our customers and our assembly personnel."


Marcel Smalbil, Marketing at Animo Coffee Machines

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