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SwipeGuide closes €5M round to boost knowledge performance for manufacturers


SwipeGuide closes a €5M round led by Speedinvest. These resources will help companies around the world reduce downtime and capture knowledge at scale.

8 April 2021


We're accelerating our international expansion - and helping digital transformation in factories worldwide with a fresh €5M ($6M) funding round led by Speedinvest. CapitalT, Plug & Play Ventures. Our existing investors Newion and Brumbucks are also participating in the round to fuel our growth in the manufacturing technology industry. 

[You can check out the press release here]


Scalable digital standards deliver global results

Our factory apps are used in more than 200 plants in 89 countries worldwide, with more than 30,000 unique monthly users continuously improving operational performance. “Digital standard work is a driver of scalable lean manufacturing across locations at PepsiCo. SwipeGuide helps us improve a culture of self-guided learning and operational excellence across sites,” says Jose Carlos Matias, MPE Europe of PepsiCo.


SwipeGuide customers

“We bring simplicity in a world where complexity is still the norm. With our focus on crowdsourced knowledge performance, companies can finally embrace frontline workers’ expertise, empower a new generation of workers, and trust that their standards will reflect it. Our platform’s AI-driven technology is the key component to identifying and scaling best-performing knowledge resulting in downtime reduction,” explains our CEO and proud co-founder Willemijn Schneyder. 


We're focusing on international growth.

This investment round is led by the European venture capitalist firm Speedinvest. “Willemijn Schneyder, Daan Assen, and their team have built a powerful platform that boosts factory floor performance. We're convinced SwipeGuide is a game-changer for manufacturing companies around the world,” Marie-Hélène Ametsreiter, lead partner of the Speedinvest Industrial Tech team says about their decision to invest in the promising B2B SaaS company. Speedinvest’s portfolio includes high-growth tech companies like TWAICE, crate.io, TIER Mobility, and Senseforce. 

Co-investor CapitalT is an advocate for diverse teams and helps companies like WizeNoze and Codegem to scale groundbreaking ideas faster. “SwipeGuide is at the forefront of manufacturers’ digital transformation, playing a key role in the crossroad of education and future of work. Their solution contributes to the reduction of errors and downtime and, as a result, more sustainability. We were very impressed by the founders and the broader team and are convinced they will make SwipeGuide a successful global player,” Janneke Niessen, founding partner at CapitalT, states.

Also, Silicon Valley-based Plug & Play Ventures and existing investor Newion are participating in the round. "SwipeGuide’s intuitive instruction technology enables every frontline worker to digitize content and helps manufacturing companies scale operational knowledge and achieve lean manufacturing across factories. This makes SwipeGuide a fantastic addition to the Plug and Play portfolio and our global corporate partnership network, accelerating the transition to industry 4.0," Alina Biermann from Plug & Play Ventures states. 


SwipeGuide - 20190917 - Cindy van Rees - Compressed-7813

We make users awesome with a global team of full-time employees. We're currently operating out of Amsterdam and Chicago, and we aim to double our numbers in 2021. Marie-Hélène Ametsreiter - lead partner of the Speedinvest Industrial Tech team supporting the digitization of Europe’s Industrial Tech sector, and Janneke Niessen - founding partner at CapitalT and serial entrepreneur - are also joining the board.

We're looking at this investment as the logical next step in making our users awesome, globally. 

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Chris loves to share his expertise on future-proof work instruction software for frontline teams in manufacturing. Particularly, how digital, visual work instructions can make a lasting impact on motivation, productivity, and operational excellence culture.

8 April 2021