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SwipeGuide vs. Document Management System (DMS)

What's the difference between SwipeGuide and a DMS?

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Published on 29 November 2022 Updated on 29 June 2023

No more confusion! Presenting: the difference between SwipeGuide and a Document Management System (DMS).


DMS manufacturing

SwipeGuide is:

Designed to deliver actionable information in a multimedia format to frontline teams. Our platform delivers digital work instructions with a research-backed structure that capitalizes on how people really learn and work in a production environment.

SwipeGuide also promotes instruction creation at the line on mobile devices with easy-to-use templates. This means your teams will create the best possible (read: most effective) work instructions without starting from scratch. This simplifies content creation and ensures its quality and usability.

Teams access via QR codes and promote continuous improvement with crowdsourced feedback, while also enjoying the compliance benefits of integrated approval workflows.

SwipeGuide is not:

A system to store company documents in many formats.

A DMS is:

Primarily a storage tool. It provides rigorous focus on properly managing, storing, and tracking documentation to improve back office efficiency and eliminate paper-waste. Document management and distribution is handled by a back-office team. Standard operating procedures are made available digitally and can be composed of a series of tasks.

A competent DMS can be used to distribute company documents in a value chain, but still lacks the features such as QR code mobile access, crowdsourced feedback, pre-made templates, and drag & drop editing that make SwipeGuide stand out as a crowdsourced content creation and delivery system.


A DMS is not:

An optimized tool for capturing, sharing, and improving critical operational knowledge on the shop floor.


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Chris loves to share his expertise on future-proof work instruction software for frontline teams in manufacturing. Particularly, how digital, visual work instructions can make a lasting impact on motivation, productivity, and operational excellence culture.

Published on 29 November 2022