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Instruction Auto-Translate

Feature Update: Auto-Translate is here 💬

This is how Auto-Translate makes it easier than ever to translate work instructions, SOPs, and checklists into any language, and share them across your organization - in seconds.

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Published on 5 December 2022 Updated on 24 April 2023

Sharing best practices with colleagues who speak a different language than you? Lacking the time or patience to manually translate Guides?  

We have some exciting news to share: our Auto-Translate feature is now live 🎉



What does this mean? 

  • Automatically translate SwipeGuide content within seconds. 
  • Copy content from across your organization and translate it into any left-to-right notated language.
  • Very accurate translations backed by the most powerful translation engine in the world - Google Translate. 

Not only does this save you hours in translation work, but it makes it so much easier to scale best practices across teams, lines, and sites operating in more than one language.


Read more about our languages and translation possibilities here.

PS. Even though we're proud of Auto-Translate, manual translation is still available as a solid option to tweak wording and assure quality of the automatic translations. 

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The forever curious CMO of SwipeGuide. Big fan of continuous improvement and people with a growth mindset.

Published on 5 December 2022