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Customer Story: Thermon

Thermon is a global player in the field of heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection, and environmental monitoring solutions. With SwipeGuide, they've addressed the training needs of their frontline teams. 


Mike Rampy, Continuous Improvement Manager at Thermon explains how efficiency has improved and how training time was cut in half.


"We were looking for a way to not only create standard work documentation, but also to create a digital format so that we can always maintain the latest version and that it's easy to access."

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Mike Rampy

Continuous Improvement Manager Thermon

How did Thermon halve training time?

With better digital standards and better access to knowledge on the factory floor.

Thermon decided to adopt the SwipeGuide platform as a digital solution to their standardization and frontline training requirements.

  • SwipeGuide provides Thermon with the ability to digitize and document their SOPs, while crowdsourcing best practices and improvements from their expert workforce. 

  • The ease-of-use and access to correct SOPs dramatically improves training times in key manufacturing processes.   

Since implementing our platform, Thermon has realized a 50% reduction in time-to-effectiveness in their kitting procedures.


reduction in training time.


Better crowdsourced standards.

Our collaboration enabled Thermon to create more effective digital standards by giving supervisors the ability to create highly visual, step-by-step, SOPs at the line with mobile editing.

They can capture the expert knowledge of tenured employees and reduce the amount of silent knowledge in their operations.

SwipeGuide is an instantly available source of documentation that allows Thermon to capture the silent knowledge of experts and deliver it in the moment of need.


  • Supervisors document best practices at the line with mobile and tablet content creation and editing.

  • Expert employees deliver feedback for improvements and tweaks on existing instructions with our feedback feature.

  • Thermon can evaluate and improve upon their body of knowledge through approval workflows.



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Reduced time-to-effectiveness.

Instantly available digital standards, combined with reduced training time, means that new hires and any frontline employee switching tasks are able to be more effective, more quickly. 

Our successful trial led to an outstanding ROI in terms of Thermon’s in-house kitting operations.

Thermon wanted the ability to utilize their own employees for essential kitting operations for the short term.

  • This means moving them in and out of a new set of tasks/operations for a relatively short amount of time. 

  • Thermon needed to execute this in an agile way - these teams would come execute their task and then leave.

During their trial with the SwipeGuide platform - they were able to reduce their regular training cycle by half

Kitting cycle time reduction: 4 minutes 30 seconds to 2 minutes 15 seconds