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Recording of Webinar September 30th, 2020:
Sustainable Profitability.

How to Leverage Circular Economy Principles in Your Operations.

Did you know that only 2% of sustainability programs meet or
exceed expectations (Bain & Company, 2018)?

In this webinar, Mathias Fahy from Möbius Business Redesign will explore the case for the circular economy in operations, and why it makes economic sense for companies to invest in long-term sustainability and resilience. He will also demonstrate case studies of sustainability pioneers who have successfully integrated sustainability and circular economy principles into their operations and continuous improvement programs.


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Sustainability & Circular Economy Consultant at Möbius Business Redesign

Mathias uses his expertise to develop effective sustainability programs and link these to a company's core business. He will often use circular economy principles to maximize the efficiency and impact of these programs.