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Recording of Webinar September 16th, 2020:
The Human Side of Manufacturing Tech.

How can manufacturing companies enable a culture of learning on the shop floor and boost workforce performance?

More tech doesn’t necessarily mean less human.
In this webinar, Jose Carlos H. Matias (PepsiCo) and Joris Stolk (Heineken) focus on how to build a culture of self-guided learning and knowledge availability in an age of automation through empowerment management and digital standard work.


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Jose Matias 400x400

MPE Europe at PepsiCo

Jose Matias has 25 years of experience in manufacturing process optimization in Europe and South Africa with a particular emphasis on capability, control and productivity. Since 2019, his main focus has been on continuous programs (CI) and E2E Lean deployment.

Joris 400x400

Manager Maintenance, Utilities, and Digital Innovation at Heineken

Joris is an expert in optimizing safety, quality, and performance by combining traditional maintenance techniques with digital applications. He believes that the availability of micro-training is key to enable the success of your workforce. Alken-Maes is the global digital pilot brewery within Heineken.