Recording of Webinar November 11th, 2020:

How to Ensure the Highest Product Quality by Avoiding Human Error.

Statement: 99,9% of errors are caused by people.

In this webinar, Mark van Bokhoven (Mark on Target) will uncover the secrets of avoiding human errors on the shop floor by building and continuously improving critical operational knowledge.

He will mainly focus on the concept of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - how production and quality systems can be improved through the machines, equipment, processes, and employees that add business value to an organization.


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Mark round

TPM & Lean Evangelist, Owner of Mark on Target

Mark is a specialist in Lean, TPM, and OpEx strategies and focuses on sustainable improvement in customer-oriented companies, including Refresco and Heineken. He's also an author and has published a number of books on continuous improvement and management strategies.

Ingrid round

Instructional Design & Customer Success Specialist
at SwipeGuide